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QUALIFYING ORDER & RULES at Red River Speedway


TPS Race # 1 - March 29, 2008


1 24 r Jody Wayne Stuart/San Antonio … Entry Order - 24

2 46 r Mark Rahn/San Antonio, TX … Entry Order - 23

3 23 J.J. Osburn III./Converse, TX … Entry Order - 22

4 22 Ozzie Osburn/San Antonio, TX … Entry Order - 21

5 17 Pete Wright/Ft. Worth, TX … Entry Order - 20

6 10 Donnie Moore/Hutto, TX … Entry Order - 19

7 28 r Lisa Sandoval/Corpus Christi, TX … Entry Order - 18

8 7 Jesse Sandoval/Corpus Christi … Entry Order - 17

9 38 Dave Parks/San Antonio, TX … Entry Order - 16

10 72 Candi Hogan/Cedar Park, TX … Entry Order - 15

11 15 Tom Johnson/Kingsland, TX … Entry Order - 14

12 55 John Miesen/Marion, TX … Entry Order - 13

13 94 Bruce Mabrito/San Antonio, TX … Entry Order - 12

14 48 Mike Knotts/Universal City, TX … Entry Order - 11

15 70 Mike Merrell/Kingsland, TX … Entry Order - 10

16 84 J r Josh Cournoyer/Wichita Falls, TX … Entry Order - 9

17 9 r Bobby Burrows/Yorktown, TX … Entry Order - 8

18 29 Rico Gutierrez/Corpus Christi, TX … Entry Order - 7

19 26 Lalo Leal/Corpus Christi, TX … Entry Order - 6

20 86 r Michael Deschenes/Kansas City, MO …

21 4 r David Wright/Wichita Falls, TX … Entry Order - 4

22 27 Bill Labarge/Bryan, TX … Entry Order - 3

23 85 Ja Lane/Houston, TX … Entry Order - 2

24 20 Sergio Hexsel/Live Oak, TX … Entry Order - 1


r - eligible for 2008 TPS "Rookie of the Year" Award


Qualifying Rules & Procedures (please read carefully and print for use at RRS)


TPS Time Trials will start as shown on Race Bulletin #3 Up-Date. Be flexible. Be ready to take your 2 laps. Cars must align for Time Trials as listed above. Drivers must have working scanner on 154.570 MHz whenever on track. Cars missing this qualifying line order may opt to re-align at rear. They will then receive one timed lap.

After entering track and receiving gate closed signal, car should gain full speed quickly. All cars will receive green flag the second time at S/F line. In the event of a transponder failure or negative track conditions, Qualifying re-run may be opted by TPS Officials.


Cars will exit track, enter infield from Turn #2 and park in impound area. Cars will be signaled to go to TPS scales.


Track Exit Rule: Failure to exit track after 1/2 cool off lap (unless otherwise instructed) will result in both laps DQed.

Drivers must be alert as to whether or not they are impounded for inspection. Do not break out of impound.

Ties in best lap time, will be broken by entry date. Pole in Heat #1 goes to fastest time. Heat #2 Pole to 2nd fast and etc. TPS Feature Race grid limit is 20 cars ie: 1st thru 9th in each Qual Heat. 19th & 20th go to best 2 dnq's with 2007 TPS points, then for drivers without TPS points, their fastest qualifying lap will determine driver assignment to positions 19 and/or 20.


If Time Trials not held or not completed, Qual Heat grids will be set by date of entry. Date ties broken by better 2007 TPS points.


No top-off after time trials. (For TPS cars - after Qual Heat - 7 lbs or 1 gallon. (After the Feature - 28 lbs or 4 gallons top off).


Red River Speedway PA announcements regarding TPS performance, while usually correct, are not considered official by TPS.


The fastest Qualifying time establishing the Texas Pro Sedan at Red River Speedway record will earn 2 bonus points.


Disclaimer: The above Texas Pro Sedans qualifying order list is for the exclusive use of TPS drivers, officials and RRS scoring. This list is composed of drivers who have submitted an entry form and paid an entry fee for the March 29th TPS race at RRS. This list should not be interpreted as a list of TPS drivers who will compete on track or even actually arrive at RRS. TPS is unable to determine the intent of a paid TPS driver, who may or may not arrive at RRS.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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"Oldtimer" - for many years, the TPS Race Procedure on this qualifying question has been:


1. If a driver pulls on the track during time trials, lap #1 is considered to have been used whether the car initiates a lap or not.


2. If the driver crosses the starting line in a competitive manner to initiate lap #2, lap #2 is considered used.


3. If the driver doesn't cross the starting line in a competitive manner, and appropriately signals TPS Officials, lap #2 is considered not used. The driver is eligible to align his car at the rear of the qualifying line and initiate lap #2 later.


4. Any driver wishing to use provision 3 must present his car at the rear of the qualifying line within two minutes of the last preceding cars departure or the Qualifying Time Trials are considered completed and no additional cars will be allowed on track thereafter.


Neil Upchurch

Race & Administrative Director

Texas Pro Sedans

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Lots of fast cars in that list. Going to be very exciting.

make 's you nervous . fast cars and short tracks dont always mix ...the fans best come out ..it might be a doozie ..wreck part we dont want . the class has some of the best dang drivers around not many drivers out there can handle something so small . so short . with lots of motor . handful from start to finish ..thats why i love em ....

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