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Missing Airtank & Gauge


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At Speedfest someone put an airtank and gauge

on our trailer when we were in the infield.

Never came and picked it up, if anyone is missing

these items give us a call so we can make sure

they can get returned to you.

You can contact James or Janette Huff at 281-219-2783 and i'll put

you thru the third degree idennifying it.



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I have to also agree!! They are what racing is all about. If you read the thread "ouch" about Huff and Hermiz's wreck, you don't hear griping and finger pointing... you see two drivers laughing at the racing incident! I have to admit, it looked just as bad from the stands..


Glad to see people still are in it for the fun and entertainment!! I commend you on your honesty. Kudos to both parties!


Kathie Weir

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I got to know James & Janet during the banquet weekend... After knowing them from that.. I would only have to think there would be an imposter posting to see them mad at someone...


Will be glad to run Door to Door with James this season.. just want to put him on notice that i don't mind finders but any tire marks on my hood would be discuraged!!



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Got a phone call tonight items has been claimed.

Thanks for all the kind words this was the right thing

to do.

Good raising & how we beleive.




Janette Huff

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