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Nascar Crew to race at Red River Speedway

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April 5th the following entry list is all crew members from Greg Biffles , Nascar team. The crew members will arrive at Red River Speedway at 5:30 pm on April 5th and will race in the Hornet class. The car number under there name is the number of the car they will race in at Red River Speedway



Collin Pasi

Concord, NC


Front Tire Carrier

4 yrs in nascar

Car # 44



Glen Waldron

Huntersville, NC


Setup / Mechanic

30 yrs in nascar

Car # 0



Brian Bottlemy

Mooreville, NC

Nickname "Chochee"


Front Tire Changer

3 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact "Recently single, limited time offer".

Car # 57



Bobby Bakeeff

Mooresville, NC


Crew Position-Floor Sweeper

Yrs in nascar-Forever

Interesting Fact- Turtle Farmer

Car # 22



Billy Manchester

Huntersville, NC

Nickname-Boom Boom


Gasman, Shock Specialist

16 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact- Lost 85 lbs this past year.

Car # 85



Will Smith

Harrisburg, NC


Car Chief

12 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact- Joe Smith's Brother

Car # 33



Joe Smith

Concord, NC

Nickname- Pheen (as in joseph-een)


Tire Specialist, Wiring Guy

3 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact-Certified Harley Davidson Mechanic

Car # 50



Ryan Dextraze

Kannapolis, NC

Nickname- Dex


Road Mechanic, Catchcan Man

3 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact- I have two beautiful children, Kynlee 10 months and

Jayden 5 yrs old.

Car # 9 or 99


Ben Beshore

Huntersville, NC



Team Engineer

4 yrs in nascar

Interesting fact-3 karting championships

Car # 7



Greg Erwin

Mooresville, NC


Crew Chief

12 yrs in nascar

Car # 38

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We will have 10 of Greg Biffles crew in Wichita Falls at Red River Speedway. Greg Biffle himself will be the flagman of the Pruitt Ford Greg Biffle Pit Crew Challenge. The Gates will open at 6pm and races start at 8pm.

We are already selling tickets looks to be a full house !



Mike Cooper



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It turned out GREAT .....!!!!! Greg Biffle is a really down to earth guy. He hung out with everyone and even attended the drivers meeting with everyone. I will have to say when he lite up the BOSS Mustang tires down the front stretch was pretty awesome.... It was a great night for RRS....

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