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Pinks All Out @ San Antonio Raceway 3/7/08

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Pinks All Out @ San Antonio Raceway, 3/7-8/2008

By J M Hallas


Marion, Tx., (March 7th, 2008) The Pullin Television Production Company rolled into San Antonio Raceway for filming of the Pinks All Out television show. Pinks All Out, a version of the popular TV show Pinks, was designed for the racers in order for them to show what they had without risk of "losing their ride."


Over 400 competitors from across the country and Canada were pre-registerd for this event. These teams would strut their stuff in an attempt to make a field of 16 that would vie for a purse of $18,000, with the winner picking up a cool 10K along with a NAPA tool chest. The racer registration for the SAR event sold out in a little more than hour, while other venues have sold out in mere minutes.


"This is more like an American Idol for drag racers," said line producer Stephanie Thomas. "We wanted to dedicate this to the racers for all their support of the original show. With this format racers can come make a full run without trying to run a dial-in index, and go 'all out.' Hence the title name."


"We wanted this to be a family enviroment and have priced our show accordingly. The racers pay an entry fee, but that's mainly for the pre-event test and tune session that has been intiated by the tracks. In the begining it was a one day event, with racers getting in free."


"This is our third time to host a show in Texas, we've been at Houston Raceway Park, and the Motorplex in Ennis. We enjoy coming to Texas, everyone treats us great. (SAR owner/manager)Todd Zampese has done everything we've asked of him and more out here at the track."


Friday started with tech and registration for the drivers, then moved on to a two-run test and tune session that had every type vehicle one could imagine, from an altered Anglia to a stock Viper and including a 70's model, Pontiac ambulance....yes complete with lights and siren on top, making a mid 11-second run.


Two of the evenings highlighted runs were a 69 Chevelle, making a pass on 9.41 after standing on the rear bumper for nearly 100' off the line and former wheelstand champion Steve Blue launching his 69 Camaro out to about 600' before landing the front wheels and clearing the top end with a 9.46.


Between testing sessions 1-2, the Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, Junior Dragster and True 10.5 classes, made exhibition runs. To give the fans a little something extra, two jet Funny Cars attempted passes(Space Machine and Super CobraJet) as well the high-flying, wheelstanding Airborne Express Chevy van. Certainly not your basic grocery getter.


Saturday's racing action begins with first round of time trials starting at 9:30AM and the second passes going down the track at 12:30PM. The "War Room" meeting begins at 3:30PM, with the sweet sixteen announced at 5:00PM. At that time the final parings with be set and the lucky competitors will have their cars rigged with cameras and sound for eliminations starting around 7:00PM.


Of course the big highlight of my day was hanging out on the starting line with Tommy taking in all the sights, sounds and smells, as up close and personal as you can possibly get. Especially during the wheelstander and jet Funny Car run....WoHoo....Even jumped in on occasion to help with some track clean up.

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Reb you left before that 10.5 car that showed up late made the last past of the nite in his camaro in the left lane.He would give Blue a run for his $$$ in the wheelstand contest.Dont think he meant to do it the way he did it,but it got a bite on the hit and put on the rear bumper quick and he was looking at mars for awhile before he slammed it to the ground.He crossed it up more ways than you could think of without tearing down the walls.

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