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Pro Cuts TWDTC Sat. results/recaps

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Pro Cuts Texas World Dirt Track Championship @ Texas Motor Speedway Dirt Track 3/1/08



White Wins after Browns DQ

Former USAC Silver Crown Champion Paul White was declared the winner of the Pro Cuts TWDTC Limited Modified feature after appearant victor, Chris Brown filed to pass post-race tech. P. White bided his time in the top five throughout the race and found himself at the right place at the right time after inspection of Brown's car.




As green waved on the 24-car, 30-lap Limited Modified Championship feature, J. Day jumped into turn 1 first, with Brown and Green falling in behind. A spin by Brock Hall in turn 3 would bring out a caution and see a complete restart. On the second start, Green got out front this time, with J. Day, Brown, Sid Kiphen and Keith White in tow. P. White then moved in to battle along side brother Keith for fifth. Lap 2 saw yellow wave again for a spin by Logan Macy between turns 3-4. Once back under green, the top 10 stayed single file until Kiphen and P. White began fighting for fifth, while Troy Taylor and Bo Day ran side by side for seventh.



P. White then used the high groove to get past K. White for fourth on lap 5. As J. Day and Brown went wheel to wheel on lap 7 for second, P. White closed in and lurked in fourth. Brown and J. Day were forced to go three wide past a slower car giving Brown a good run. No sooner than Brown had cleared J. Day he was inside Green for the lead. Green was no match for Brown who took over the top spot on lap 9, while K. White snagged fourth back from P. White. K. White then moved in an around J. Day for third on lap 10.



Jason Howell spun on lap 11, but kept going at he same time K. White was getting tagged by J. Day and sent around. K. White continued on, both lost numerous positions. At halfway the top five were Brown, Green, P. White, Taylor and Robert Vetter. David Hood brought out the final caution on lap 16 with a spin in turn 4. On the restart, Brown had a laped car buffer on Green as the race resumed. P. White and Taylor both got past Green when green was shown. K. White fought his way back up, getting by B. Day and Chris Cogburn for sixth on lap 20, as Brown began to ease away.



Tristan Dycus made a late charge, getting by Kiphen for seventh on lap 22. With five to go, Brown had run out to a full straightaway lead over P. White. Taylor and Green. The only thing to slow Brown down was lapped traffic on lap 27, but Brown had such a lead it didn't matter. As the white flag was shown, Brown still had a huge lead and easily grabbed the checkers in what appeared to be a big birthday win. In post-race inspection, Brown's car was found to be illegal and the win awarded to P. White in Casey Hortons Limited Modified




Limited Modified Championship, 30 laps


1. 25 Paul White, Temple

2. 56x Troy Taylor, Ft. Worth

3. 55 Keith Green, Waco

4. V8 Robert Vetter, Wolfe City

5. 1 Keith White, Academy

6. 94 Tristan Dycus, Midlothian

7. 5C Chris Cogburn, Robinson

8. 58 Sid Kiphen, Gatesville

9. 4 Bo Day, Greenville

10. 121 Bobby Ruffin, Forney

11. 46 Jason Bolden, Quinlan

12. 37 Richard Strain, Ennis

13. 1x Brent York, Bullard

14. 22n Nick Shenberger, Sharon, OK.

15. 99 Bill Dennis, Seagoville

16. 95 Dan Meyer, Whitehouse

17. 35 David Hood, Jacksonville

18. 20 Brock Hall, Amarillo

19. 72P Jason Howell, Azle

20. 23M Jimmy Day, Greenville

21. 75 Anthony Boatman, Bullard

22. 45T Eric Tomlinson, Waco

23. 3 Logan Macy, Hennessey, OK.

65 Chris Brown, Cleveland--DQ



Limited Modified Dash

1. 55 Keith Green

2. 23M Jimmy Day

3. 65 Chris Brown

4. 5B Sid Kiphen

6. 25 Paul White

7. 1 Keith White

8. 56T Troy Taylor



Limited Modified B-mains(top 8 transfer to Championship)

1. 5c Chris Cogburn

2. 45T Eric Tomlinson

3. 35 David Hood

4. 46 Jason Bolden

5. 99 Bill Dennis

6. 95 Dan Meyer

7. 22N Nick Shenberger

8. 75 Anthony Boatman

9. 10 Trandel White

10.5c Colby O'Neal

11.18 Tim Clouch

12.120 John Villars

13.201 Tommy Gantley

14 11 Greg Bartley.

15.44 Tim Beaver Jr

16.56 Jimmy Criswell III




1. V8 Robert Vetter

2. 94 Triston Dycus

3. 20 Brock Hall

4. 37 Richard Strain

5. 72p Jason Howell

6. 121 Bobby Ruffin

7. 3 Logan Macy

8. 1x Brent York

9 83 Mike Shenberger

10.83K Kenny Ware

11. 1 Levy Galmor

12. 54 JC Umscheid

13. 77 Terry Buzbee

14. 01 Jimmy Bradley

15. 22 Brian Ferrell

16. 721 Gary Bartley



Timms Takes on Modified Field for Championship Run

In his fourth attempt at the Pro Cuts TWDTC, Oklahoma city's Randy Timms finally found his way to the TMS Dirt Track Winner's Circle. Timms would lead all but one lap of the 40-lapper on his way to big $3,000 payday.



Polesitter, Justin Boney was first into turn 1 as the 24-car field roared in action. Coming out of turn 2, Timms had a god run getting by Morgan Bagley for second, then Boney coming out of turn 4 for the lead. Boney tried to cross back under Timms, but ended up losing second to Brown on the high side. Casual contact in the mid-pack battle for tenth split the field up. On lap 3, Brown drifted too high in turns 3-4, allowing Boney to retake the spot.



Troy Taylor and Paul White were side by side for fifth on lap 4, with Chad Wheeler lurking in seventh. A lap later Taylor and Wheeler both got by P. White, but P. White fought back on Wheeler to recapture the spot. Brown, looking to complete the weekend sweep, then began putting the pressure back on Boney for second. By lap 10, Timms had built a good lead over Boney and Brown with a gap back to Bagley, Taylor and P. White, while Dee Gossett, Wheeler, Bobby Malchus and John Allen battled for eighth.



P. White momentarily grabbed fifth from Taylor, but Taylor came back by and got along side Bagley for fourth. The top four then separated out, while P. White got by Bagley for fifth. On lap 17, George White spun from a five car scrap for the fourteenth spot to bring out yellow and erase Timms' big lead. On the restart, Boney tried to challenge Timms on the high side, while Taylor got inside Brown for third. Timms and Boney ran wheel to wheel for the lead on lap 19 and at he crossed flags it was Boney, by a bumper, Timms, Brown back by Taylor and P. White in the top five.



Boney's lead was short lived as Timms was back on the point for lap 21, as Allen passed Bagley for sixth and Malchus followed to seventh. In the pack, Gossett, Wheeler and Greg Skaggs were three wide for ninth. On lap 25, Timms was lengthening his advantage over Boney, who held a good margin over Taylor. In the meantime Brown and P. White were swapping the fourth spot in a spirited battle. Gossett and Wheeler were three wide again, this time with Bagley in the fight for ninth.



Brown and P. White were still at it for fourth on lap 31, as Timms was catching the rear of the field. Lap 34 saw Boney's chance at a top finish end as his car shot straight into the turn 3 wall to bring out the final caution. Timms got a good jump on green, while Wheeler tried a bonzai charge on the outside to pick up positions. With five to go, Allen, P. White and Malchus battled ard for fourth, with Wheeler, Gossett and Skaggs closing. That pack went three wide for sixth as the top three motored away. As the white flag waved, Timms had a ten car margin over Taylor, while the fight for fourth now went three wide. As the checkers waved it was Timms taking the victory.


Modified Championship, 40 laps

1. 5T Randy Timms, Oklahoma City. OK.

2. 56 Troy Taylor, Ft. Worth

3. 21 Chris Brown, Cleveland

4. 98 John Allen, Chanute, Kan.

5. 2W Paul White, Temple

6. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, OK.

7. 5R Bobby Malchus, Red Oak

8. 27 Greg Skaggs, Bxby, Ok.

9. 10x Dee Gossett, Amarillo

10. 89C Tate Cole, Muskogee, OK.

11. 4R Derek Ramirez, Woodward, OK.

12. 110 George White, Ft. Worth

13. 17x Morgan Bagley, Longview

14. 33R Mike Roach, Woodward, OK.

15. 50 Tyler Propps, Edmond, OK.

16. 88x Clyde Dunn Jr. Sunnyvale

17. 2 Grant Junghans, Manhatten, Kan.

18. 127 Glen Hibbard, Mansfield

19. 703 David Smith jr. Copperas Cove

20. 18x Cody Smith, Forney

21. 18 Justin Boney, Leavenworth, Kan.

22. 15 Curtis Allen, Yukon, OK.

23. 181 Sean Jones, Forest Hill

24. 57 Blaine Shives, Denison



Modified Dash,

1. 18 Justin Boney

2. 17x Morgan Bagley

3. 5T Randy Timms

4. 21 Chris Brown

5. 2W Paul White

6. 56 Troy Taylor

7. 88 Chad Wheeler

8.88x Clyde Dunn jr.



Modified B-mains, Top 2 Transfer to Championship

1. 10X Dee Garrett

2. 18X Cody Smith

3. 44 Trent Crawford

4. 7JR Chad Ewell

5 6V Varian Sisson

6. 07 Jason Hillard

7. 17L Brad Lasater

8. 94 Dustin Huehl

9. 31 Neal DeBord

10.05R Rod Slack



Modified - Main 2

1. 89C Tate Cole

2. 57 Blaine Shives

3. 76 Nicholas Littlejohn

4. 118 Tim Clouch

5. 11 Alan Oliva

6. 3 Danny Womack

7. 71 Phillp Houston

8. 6L Steve Machin

9. 51 Robert Sheppard

10. 83 Terry Johnson




Modified-B Main 3

1. 27 Greg Skaggs

2. 15 Curtis Allen

3. 139 Gary Langworthy Jr

4. 7 Brennan Poole

5. 01 Jeremy Gossett

6. 33 Darrin Duncan

7. 17P Travis Penrod

8. 2R Ryan Williams

9. 98 Justin Bateman

10. AK94 Scooter Phillips




Modified - B Main 4

1. 50 Tyler Propps

2. 703 David Smith II

3. 89 Glenn Leuschner

4. 45 Logan Cabbell

5. 6 Sonny Caratella

6. 144 Jason Troutman

7.2D Dwayne Dechant

8. 21C Martie O' Neal

9. 1$ Richard Miller

10. 2M Richard Johnson




Modified - B Main 5

1. 98 John Allen

2. 181 Sean Jones

3. 3 Rick McCommas

4. 56K Steve Miller

5. 82 Brandon Houk

6. 28 Kevin Maddox

7. 15A Larry Campbell

8. 135 Richard Griffin

9. 316 Cary Bartoo

10. 43 Bruce Dulaney



Modified - B- Main 6

1. 2 Grant Junghans

2. 33R Mike Roach

3. 11X Wesley Veal

4. 54 Dena Wilson

5. 561 David Horner

6. 171 Drew Harless

7. 7M Danny Morris

8. T98 Brandon Maggard

9. 4 Tracy Adams


Modified -B- Main 7

1. 5R Bobby Malchus

2. 127 Glen Hibbard

3. 4G Gary Clark

4. 7X Chris Dawson

5. 99 Johnny Dunn

6. 02R Kyle Robinson

7. 5K Kenny Stone

8. 10 Robert Jones

9. 36 Jeff Conner



Modified-B-Main 8

1. 110 George White

2. 4R Derek Ramirez

3. 9 Pat McGuire

4. 25 Justin Rushins

5. 12M Angel Munoz

6. 84 Tom Lorenz

7. 707 Chris Hillard

8. 5 Keith Green

9. 27j Jimmy Littlejohn

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