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Thats not a very good poll!!


because you use NASCAR, they can't get enough trucks to all the races and they cannot get enough nationwide cars to all the races, especially if they make a rule about cup guys driving in the nationwide series; that would take out another 10 or so drivers if they ban them.. (of course they wont because it brings more fans to the track and sposors but I bet they limit points or somthing of that nature)


now if your tlaking about the Cup series... the answer is no, it causes drama and mroe folks to watch NASCAR


and the best racing is still BRISTOL!!!!

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Sorry after reading the BAM racing story.. Its kind of depressing to see teams spend that much money and not even get to turn a lap.


I agree there are problems in the Nationwide & Trucks..


Maybe they should do like Yahoo did for fantasy racing.. Limit how many races they can run..

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