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What's the deal?


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I just turned to Fox and they are talking about getting THE WHOLE RACE in!?!?! I thought they said 12 Eastern, but i am watching just in case...... For everyone at the track, it has been a long freaking day!!!



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sad irony for all the 'texas guys' that say they can't stand kyle.......he brought terry's #5 back to life as well.

now the #18...hmm , go figure.

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I will be the first to admit, Kyle is arguably the best driver in NASCAR right now. He's made some mistakes but I think with Joe Gibbs mentoring him, the sky is the limit.

He is much improved in the way he speaks and his actions seem to be in check as well.

Bottom line is he can flat-ass drive.

He did revive the 5, the 18 had a pulse when Bobby left it, thereafter it went dead though.


Plus, Kyle is out to show that HENDRICK made a mistake, so far, I think he's right..

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