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Cody Smith sets fastest time at Hickory Motorspeedway


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I just got the following text message from Barbara Smith (Cody Smith's mom):


Cody was fastest at Hickory Motorspeedway - 15.03. Colt James was 11th fastest - 15.334.



Wishing both of these young Texans well at Hickory MS!

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gunnar,, terry said colt was happy with the car.......when i race against colt that is the last thing i want to hear.

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they didn't. my mother called earlier and said colt got taken out by the leader while attempting to pass him on the outside......something about "spotter didn't tell him he was out there" go figure. mirrors and spotters have become a big excuse for dumb a!# no talent driving lately.

cody didn't fair any better,,,,don't know what happen but they said he was on the wrecker early.

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We started 10th and it was a wreck fest. We got sent to the back because ASA thought I spun out John Wes Townly the 09 car but I was up to his door and he came down on me and I got the plaim for it. So we started in the back and started to move our way through the field and we got up to 9th and thats when Colt James and Jeff choquette got into it. Travis Wilson had missed them and hit the outside wall, but then after he hit the wall he started to come down the track and thats when me and him got into it and ended the night on lap 82.


Cody Smith

#5 ASA Late Model Series

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looking at the asa web site, it says sean murphy was fast qualifier. wonder if there is something fishy going on with asa or the timing system.


ARP Bodies/Aluminum Racing Products Qualifying Results

1. 32 Sean Murphy-R 14.999—-87.126 MPH

2. 08 Beau Slocumb 15.005

3. 31 Ryan Lawler 15.040

4. 41 Brandon Johnson-R 15.041

5. 62 Travis Wilson 15.051

6. 170 Jeff Choquette-R 15.062

7. 09 John Wes Townley 15.073

8. 28 Sean Bass-R 15.097

9. 54 Josh Lane-R 15.097

10. 5 Cody Smith-R 15.108

11. 3 Bran Blum-R 15.123

12. 12 Tyler Townsend-R 15.127

13. 126 Phil Gill-R 15.133

14. 15 Colt James 15.157

15. 47 Chris Fontaine-R 15.175

16. 6 Michael Pickens-R 15.192

17. 711 Max Gresham-R 15.215

18. 9 Will Thomas 15.219

19. 8 Michael Seeright-R 15.224

20. 26 Travis Cope-R 15.231

21. 132 Glenn Gault Jr. 15.253

22. 86 Jimmy Lang-R 15.284

23. 93 Rob Partelo-R 15.308

24. 23 Jimmy Weller-R 15.338

25. 04 Jerrod Foley-R 15.340

26. 03 Jon Michael-R 15.359

27. 19 Shane Riffel-R 15.406

28. 70 Jeremy Gerstner-R 15.461

29. 97 Mike Marden 15.547

30. 24 David Rigan-R 15.712

31. 96 Mickey Wright-R NO TIME


never mind, i thought the title said he set fast time, i assumed it was qualifying, must of been friday practice?


big john

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.2 of a second between 1st and 16th??? Nice.

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