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Legacy results anyone?


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Spreen 1st???

Brandis 2nd


There's a start.

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1. #81 Dillon Spreen

2. 3 Taylor Brandes

3. 32 Levi Krauss

4. 71 Jake Kruger

5. 24 Kris Kerr

6. 14 Tom Harwell

7. 72 Arden Vikre

8. 87 Charles Akins

9. 58 John Martin

10. 69 John Riley

11. 44 James Lee


Right now, #81 Dillon Spreen is the top dog with 4 races to go. With our close points structure, anyone in the top5-6 have a chance of winning the championship. Watch (3) Taylor Brandes, (71) Jake Kruger, and (32) Levi Krauss to give Dillon some competition.

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Great race for the Legacy's!! I was very impressed with the run of the 32 Levi Krauss. Worked his way towards the front, had an issue and was sent to the back, and then worked his way all the way back up to third. Very impressive. Looked like he stayed calm and used his head working his way back up to the top three. Great job...

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