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ASCS / Wesmar Challenge: Last Chance for Points…


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ASCS / Wesmar Challenge: Last Chance for Points…



Lonnie Wheatley, TULSA, Okla. (September 14, 2007) –A handful of starting berths for the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge, set to take place at Devil's Bowl Speedway Winter Nationals in Mesquite, TX, on October 12-13, are still up for grabs as the final weekend to accumulate points towards the invitational event is upon us.




Prior to last week's racing action, ten drivers had already earned invitations to the race that will award a new Wesmar Racing Engine, including Florida's Kenny Adams, New York's Justin Barger, Missouri's Brian Brown, Michigan's Dustin Daggett, Louisiana's Michael Dupuy, North Dakota's Lee Grosz, New York's Chuck Hebing, Kansas' C.J. Johnson, Texas' Kevin Ramey and New York's Jared Zimbardi.




Another half dozen drivers have secured positions since that time, including North Carolina's Johnny Bridges, Nebraska's Jack Dover, North Dakota's Dave Glennon, South Dakota's Eric Lutz, Michigan's Tim Norman and Florida's T.J. Winegardner.




With the September 15 deadline occurring this weekend, the final five invitations to the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge will be determined in this weekend's ASCS Regional action around the country.




The ASCS / Wesmar Challenge will put the wraps on the Devil's Bowl Winter Nationals in Mesquite, TX, which will feature two full nights of competition for the O'Reilly American Sprint Cars on Tour National series on October 12-13.




The field for the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge will be comprised of the top two point earners from each ASCS Region along with the top O'Reilly ASCoT National competitors.




The ASCS / Wesmar Challenge will be run in multiple segments. Passing and finishing points will be in effect for each segment, with the top points earner winning a new Wesmar Racing Engine.




Drivers earn points towards the Wesmar Racing Engines Challenge by earning three points for a feature win, two points for a runner-up finish and one point for each third-place feature finish. A driver must compete in at least 60% of a respective Region's events and be a registered member of the American Sprint Car Series to represent that Region in the ASCS / Wesmar Racing Engines Challenge.




Thus far in 2007, 65 different drivers have reached ASCS victory lane on at least one occasion in the 133 winged ASCS features throughout the country.




A total of 719 different drivers have competed in at least one of the 143 winged ASCS events through September 2, with the wingless Canyon Region drivers bumping the total to 776.




Current ASCS / Wesmar Racing Engines Challenge Points:




The only drivers that are listed are those that currently meet eligibility requirements for the ASCS/Wesmar Challenge.




O'Reilly American Sprint Cars on Tour National:


1. Gary Wright (Hooks, TX) 49


2. Jason Johnson (Eunice, LA) 41


3. Wayne Johnson (Oklahoma City, OK) 33


4. Travis Rilat (Forney, TX) 14


5. Darren Stewart (Bixby, OK) 5


6. Foster Landon (Collinsville, OK) 1




ASCS Coastal Region:


1. Michael Dupuy (Amite, LA) 18


2. Lane Whittington (Denham Springs, LA) 6


3. Michael Herrington (Gonzales, LA) 6


4. Shane Morgan (Biloxi, MS) 3


5. Chris Sweeney (Channelview, TX) 1




Coastal Races Before Deadline: Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA) 9/15.




Coastal Locked-In: Michael Dupuy.




Coastal Scenario: Whittington has the edge on Herrington right now with the tiebreaker of one win versus none for Herrington, but Morgan could steal the second invite by posting his second series win of the year Saturday night at Fast Trax in combination with both Whittington and Herrington finishing outside the top three.




ASCS Gulf South Region:


1. Brandon Berryman (Missouri City, TX) 8


2. Travis Rilat (Forney, TX) 8


3. Johnny Miller (Burleson, TX) 6


4. Ray Allen Kulhanek (Conroe, TX) 6


5. Skip Wilson (Mesquite, TX) 5


6. Tommy Bryant (Montgomery, TX) 3


7. Lane Whittington (Denham Springs, LA) 1




Gulf South Races Before Deadline: Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA) 9/15.




Gulf South Locked-In: None.




Gulf South Scenario: Already locked in via O'Reilly ASCoT National status, Rilat falls out of Gulf South eligibility if he misses the September 15 card at Fast Trax. And with ASCS Sooner Region events at Heart O' Texas and Cowtown that same weekend, it is a possibility that Rilat will skip Fast Trax.




With two wins and a slight edge over the rest in points, knocking Berryman out of the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge would take a convoluted combination of events. But Johnny Miller, Ray Allen Kulhanek and Skip Wilson are all in position to slug it out for at least one of the spots on September 15.




ASCS Mid-Atlantic Region:


1. Chuck Hebing (Ontario, NY) 8


2. Justin Barger (Montrose, NY) 5


3. Kenny Adams (Malabar, FL) 4


4. Bryan Howland (Auburn, NY) 1


5. Tim Hogue (Lumberton, NJ) 1




Mid-Atlantic Races Before Deadline: None.




Mid-Atlantic Locked-In: Chuck Hebing and Justin Barger.




Mid-Atlantic Scenario: See above; Hebing and Barger have the most points and no races remain.




ASCS Midwest Region:


1. Brian Brown (Grain Valley, MO) 11


2. Jack Dover (Springfield, NE) 7


3. Natalie Sather (Fargo, ND) 3


4. Toby Chapman (Lincoln, NE) 3


5. Jason Danley (Lincoln, NE) 2




Midwest Races Before Deadline: None.




Midwest Locked-In: Brian Brown and Jack Dover.




Note: Dover put the clamps on the second invitation with a runner-up finish in last Friday night's season finale at U.S. 36 Raceway.




ASCS Northern Plains Region:


1. Lee Grosz (Harwood, ND) 7


2. Eric Lutz (Sioux Falls, SD) 3


3. Dave Glennon (Casselton, ND) 3


4. Curt Lund (Redwood Falls, MN) 2




Northern Plains Races Before Deadline: None.




Northern Plains Locked-In: Lee Grosz, Eric Lutz and Dave Glennon.




Note: When last Saturday's season finale at Casino Speedway was rained out, Lutz and Glennon tied for second and both receive invitations to the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge based upon identical podium finish records in 2007.




ASCS Patriots:


1. Chuck Hebing (Ontario, NY) 34


2. Jared Zimbardi (Salamanca, NY) 15


3. Justin Barger (Montrose, NY) 11


4. Bryan Howland (Auburn, NY) 7


5. Bobby Breen (Savannah, NY) 6


6. Scott Kreutter (Alden, NY) 2


7. Blake Breen (Savannah, NY) 2


8. Don Adamczyk (Williamsville, NY) 2


9. Ray Preston (Romulus, NY) 1


10. Chris Muhleisen (Arkport, NY) 1




Patriot Races Before Deadline: None.




Patriots Locked-In: Chuck Hebing and Jared Zimbardi.




Note: Hebing and Zimbardi had the Patriot positions sewed up before last weekend's final points race of the year.




ASCS Rebel Region:


1. Kenny Adams (Malabar, FL) 6


2. T.J. Winegardner (Pierson, FL) 6


3. Shane Morgan (Biloxi, MS) 3


4. Matt Linder (Hoschton, GA) 2




Rebel Races Before Deadline: None.




Rebel Locked-In: Kenny Adams and T.J. Winegardner.




Rebel Scenario: Winegardner secured his position in wild style, flipping out of last Saturday's feature while leading. Winegarnder could only watch the rest but was safely in the ASCS / Wesmar Challenge field when Morgan couldn't make it to victory lane.




ASCS Rocky Mountain Region:


1. C.J. Johnson (Quinter, KS) 12


2. Keith Rauch (Thornton, CO) 8


3. Patrick Bourke (Edwards, CO) 4


4. Ricky Montgomery (Lakewood, CO) 2


5. Bob Schaeffer (New Castle, CO) 2




Rocky Mountain Races Before Deadline: Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM) 9/14 and 9/15.




Rocky Mountain Locked In: C.J. Johnson; while Rauch could overtake him, there's nobody else close enough to knock Johnson out of the top two.




Rocky Mountain Scenario: Either the 17-year-old Montgomery or the 54-year-old Schaeffer can move into a tie with Rauch with a two-night Aztec sweep and Rauch outside the top three on both nights. Long odds at best, but odds nonetheless.




Bourke could bump Rauch, but he'd have to show up first for that to happen. Even if he does, Rauch can make it all a moot point by winning on one of the two nights or with a combination of a second and third place finish.




ASCS Sooner Region:


1. Kevin Ramey (Fort Worth, TX) 15


2. Brian McClelland (Tulsa, OK) 7


3. Gavin Punch (Collinsville, OK) 3


4. Cody Branchcomb (Sapulpa, OK) 2


5. Sherman Davis (Sand Springs, OK) 1


6. Nick Smith (Broken Arrow, OK) 1




Sooner Races Before Deadline: Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX) 9/14, Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX) 9/15.




Sooner Locked-In: Kevin Ramey.




Sooner Scenario: While McClelland controls his own destiny, Punch, Branchcomb, Smith and Davis all still have an outside shot at taking the second invite from McClelland. A McClelland win over the weekend or a pair of runner-up finishes would make it impossible for any of the others to overtake him.




ASCS Southern Tour:


1. Kenny Adams (Malabar, FL) 15


2. Johnny Bridges (Cherryville, NC) 10


3. Brian Smith (Mooresville, NC) 10


4. Bryn Gohn (Malabar, FL) 4


5. T.J. Winegardner (Pierson, FL) 2




Southern Races Before Deadline: None.




Southern Locked-In: Kenny Adams and Johnny Bridges.




Note: When the event originally scheduled for this Saturday night at Fayetteville Motor Speedway was reset for October, Johnny Bridges picked up the second invite on the strength of two feature wins on the season to Smith's one.




ASCS Sprints on Dirt:


1. Dustin Daggett (Portland, MI) 29


2. Tim Norman (Warsaw, IN) 12


3. Steve Irwin (Columbiaville, MI) 10


4. Ryan Grubaugh (St. Johns, MI) 10


5. Ben Rutan (Jerome, MI) 10


6. Gary Fast (Kalkaska, MI) 7


7. Brett Mann (Goshen, IN) 6


8. Dain Naida (Belleville, MI) 1


9. Joe Bares (Traverse City, MI) 1


10. Jake Stebner (Elmira, MI) 1




Sprints on Dirt Races Before Deadline: None.




Sprints on Dirt Locked-In: Dustin Daggett and Tim Norman.




Note: Norman not only secured his third career ASCS Sprints on Dirt championship in Saturday night's season finale, he also snared the second invite with a third-place finish.










The 2007 season is the 16th year of sanctioning Sprint Car racing for the American Sprint Car Series, with the series set to sanction approximately 240 nights of racing at more than 100 different race tracks throughout nearly 30 different states and Canada.


Additional information regarding the American Sprint Car Series is available at www.ascsracing.com.

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