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Bill Waller Racing update 8/24/07


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Hey Race Fan,


The car count improved last night. We had 16 sprint cars for the race at Devil's Bowl. I don't know why they all showed up, but I am certainly glad they did.


I spent all my time this week building a scoop that would isolate the air coming off the engine and force it to suck all the incoming air from the hood scoop. It took a lot of trial and error, but I got it built and it all fits under the hood. Now all air for the engine comes from the hood scoop. The engine builder said this was worth 15hp.


We finished fourth in the heat and was involved in a little altercation. I ran into the back of the leader. He slowed for the turn and I just hit square in the bumper. No harm done except to our bumper. We had a spare. Biggest thing was that it messed up my turn and I got passed. DARN it!


If you solve one problem, there is always another that pops up. I changed all the torsion bars and arms back to what we started with at the first race of the season. Then I cranked a lot of weight in the right rear. I was trying to get my corner entry speed up. and Boy did I !!!

I wasn't even letting off the gas, just pitch the car sideways and drive out. But driving out was the problem. It just seemed like we couldn't get the forward drive we needed. So a little balancing was required.


I started the feature second row inside and was right there in the hunt for the first half of the race. The track started drying out and there was no where to run, so everybody was on my line.


Like I was saying about the problems. We could have had a couple more positions if the motor wouldn't bog coming out of turn 2. It just started this last week, so it is not my new scoop. It is sort of banging and sort of not picking up. So I just watched the cars pull away. DARN it!!


I am going to go through the mag and change plugs and start chasing it down. So we finished 8th. I thought we had a real good run because I could see the top 5 or 6 cars all night. I just couldn't get to them. Oh well.. maybe next time.


We are off next week. The ASCS Sprint car Gulf South vs Sooner region will be in town. So if you guys want to see some sho-nuff sprint car racing, go see these guys. They mean business when they come to town.


Thanks to our sponsors.


Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Pro Racer Supply

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Bill Waller

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