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HOUSTON, TEXAS, September 22, 2003 - Space City 125 organizers today

announced that Mr. Nick Holt has accepted the invitation to serve as

Grand Marshal for the 2003 event. Mr. Holt has been heavily involved

in Texas racing for nearly 30 years and organizers are honored and

pleased that he has accepted the invitation. His most important duty

as Grand Marshal will be waiving the green flag from atop the flag stand

to start the 2003 Space City 125. It is sure to be an exciting and

memorable night for Nick and his family.


Over the years Mr. Holt has assumed many roles in the Texas stock car

racing community. He began in the 1970's as a car owner racing at both

the Paramount Speedway in Austin Texas and the Pan American Speedway in

San Antonio Texas. His drivers at that time were Johnny Ivy and Bruce

Mabrito. A couple years later Nick teamed up with the legendary Late

Model driver Ed Sczech of San Antonio. After Ed retired, Nick and

Corpus Christi native Rick Rapp teamed up and the pair went on to win

many races at short tracks all over Texas, including the old Meyerland

Speedway in Houston.


Nick also served as the Competition Director and NASCAR Chief Steward at

San Antonio Speedway from 1993 through 1995 and as a rules consultant

with the Texas International Drivers Association (TIDA) for several

years. Legend has it that he even flagged a TIDA race with the

announcer's microphone in his hand but Nick insists that is only legend.


For five years (1988-1992) Nick was the Motorsports columnist for The

San Antonio Light newspaper. He also wrote a number of columns on race

car suspension engineering that were published in national magazines

such as Short Track Racing Magazine (where he was on staff and known as

Professor Nick), Late Model Digest, National Speed Sport News and other

various special interest publications.


Currently Nick serves as the moderator on Texas Speed Zone, an

internet-based community forum dedicated to racing in the state of

Texas. He also serves as Chief Technical Inspector for the Texas Pro

Sedan racing series. And if that's not enough, in his spare time, he

can be found at the track helping upstarts or in a class room either

studying for his masters degree or sharing his experience and expertise

by teaching the principles of suspension engineering to a room full of

student racers.


The Space City 125 is a late model stock car race scheduled for October

3rd and 4th at Houston Motorsports Park (formerly Houston Motor

Speedway). The event is the only one of its kind in the Houston area

with a unique format that is expected to draw racing teams from across

Texas and the surrounding states. For more about the Space City 125

visit www.spacecity125.com. For more information about Houston

Motorsports Park visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com. For more

information about the Texas Super Racing Series and the Texas Triple

Crown visit www.manracingpromotions.com.

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Big John,


The race organizers must have had a lot of people turn 'em down before they asked me. Actually, they asked both Jason and I to do the deed, but, unfortunately, Jason couldn't make it.


And I really did flag a TIDA Late Model race at San Antonio Speedway in 95 or 96. The whole flagstand would shake when the pack went by...


Nick Holt

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Big John,

BELIEVE ME, we tried to find ANYONE else but Nick! ha! and, you were next on the list! :D


p.s.--hey Nick, since Mick Anderson is gonna be there too..any chance you can find Scott Holland so we can have an old SAS reunion??? :D:lol::lol:

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Hey Nick..two things...


1) I'm sure you're not the only one trying to get some money that's owed by the former SAS owner....(ya think?)


2) Congats on being named Grand Marshall..we'll actually be at the SAME track on the SAME night...of course, you realize that I still get more "mic(rophone)" time than you do...LOL :lol::lol::lol:


((Have I mentioned the MZone show kicks back in Sunday at 10 a.m.?)) B):D

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