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Weight Rule

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texas thunder does not have a weight rule at this time because there is no scales. so there is no weight rule. when I ran street stock my camaro was 3200 lbs with me in it and i am not small!! :) it was 2950 with out me :lol:

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Sorry for responding so late.


Just got off the phone with Pat Wilson, promoter of TTS. He said, and I quote "There is NO WEIGHT RULE in the street stocks".


Things he is concerned about is stock transmissions, flywheels, torque converters, ect. And DOT type tires, on 8 inch rims.


And his biggest pet peeve is MUFFLERS. No muffler, no points or money. PERIOD. It's like you never even showed up.


You can always call him at 254-290-6262.


Bill "Sarge" Masom

Texas Thunder Speedway PR/Media

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