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World Nationals pushed back until 2008

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NORWALK, Ohio (May 4, 2007) – The IHRA World Nationals, scheduled for Sept. 21-23, will not be contested at Mansfield Motorsports Park in 2007. Circumstances beyond the control of facility owner Mike Dzurilla have caused construction of the drag strip to be temporarily suspended.


"We jumped the gun a little bit on this," IHRA president Aaron Polburn said. "Mike Dzurilla and his team have worked hard to put this facility together on a short timetable. There was some wiggle room on the construction timetable and things were moving on schedule, then there were a few rulings that threw the construction off schedule. It really is no one's fault, but this is a reality we have to deal with.


"We made incorrect assumptions that the drag strip would be like the round track already in place there in terms of local government permits and clearances. It wasn't. I really think our best move is to cancel the race this season and let our racers know about it now. This way they have plenty of time to adjust their racing schedules and make alternative plans."


Polburn expects the drag strip at Mansfield Motorsports Park to be up and running in 2008.


"In just the last few weeks Mike has purchased an additional 90 acres of land at the top end of the track that are crucial for construction," Polburn said. "He, like everyone at IHRA, assumed things would go without a hitch. He had already built a top shelf circle track at the same site so we really did not anticipate these issues.


"This probably is a blessing in disguise," he continued. "Now the pressure is off as far as construction is concerned. Mike and his crew out there can now take their time and be meticulous as far as building a great facility. They also have time to build and promote a strong bracket program and work out a definite, effective schedule for the 2008 racing season. We look forward to a promising future at Mansfield Motorsports Park."


There will be no replacement date on the 2007 schedule, meaning there will be 11 Knoll-Gas Nitro Jam™ events this season.

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Build a speedway and make a ditch and then build a dragstrip with the states blessings and you go to cover the ditch and the EPA comes in and calls your ditch a stream,just part of the BS I guess.

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