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Weekend racing update @ Devils Bowl


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Hey Race Fan,


Finally, we had a break in bad weather and the season has started now!


The new car was hard to start and developed a leak later on, but that didn't slow us down.


Devil's Bowl had 19 Sprint cars there last night and very stiff competition.


We had to draw for starting position and I drew a 50. This put me on the third row inside for the first heat. At the start of the race, the car jumped sideways and I lost a spot. So I battled my way past a car and then aired that thing out and caught the 4th place car. I think if I would have had 2 more laps, I could have got 3rd. But we finished 5th.


The car is a rocket ship down the straight away. It will really sail! Must be all that lightweight stuff and 20+ more horsepower. :):)


We started the feature 5th row inside and battled up to 6th place. There were several cautions for spinouts. The track went bone slick. I missed the setup because we have had so much rain, I thought the track would stay somewhat tacky. I was right there with the lead group of cars, but just couldn't make the passes stick. I could really get down under them on the bottom of turns 1 and 2, but just couldn't get the traction coming out and they would work the high groove around me on the top.


At the end, we had a caution and had to do a green white checkered finish. So on that lap, I really let it all hang out, but still couldn't get around those guys. Track position paid off for them.


I love my new car. I think we are going to do well. The car is very stable and just feels good. So when I had to run the high groove right next to the wall, I just drove it around there. I just got to get in my wallet and keep new tires on it this season. Those hurt when you have to spend almost 200 bucks for a right rear tire!


We still have some tricks up our sleeve. There is still rotating weight to shave off and there is still some air ducting to work with.


All in all.. A very good start. I was so worried that I would crumple up my brand new race car, that I couldn't eat, I couldn't watch the other races, all I could do was sit and wait!


Check out www.devilsbowl.com to see when you can get in FREE based on your zipcode.


Special Thanks to Slammin' Scott Brock and Thrashin' Tina Brock for coming down and working the crew since my regular guy was away.


Scott's Mom is the proprietor of Kay's Magic Quilting. She gets quilting and repair jobs literally from all over the world and has travelled several years teaching others. So if you need any quilting done or old quilts repaired, she is the one!


You will notice there isn't a Brenco decal on my car this year. We just couldn't come to a favorable agreement for what this guy wanted. Due to these differences, I decided it was best to part ways. Having said that.. there is a prime spot open on the hood of my car.. hint hint!!


Super Special Thanks to all my Sponsors!

Lubrication Engineers.. best oil on the planet.

Pro Racer Supply.. Save $$$

Kay's Magic Quilting.. see above

DedWeb Designs.. Make you web presentations stand out


See you at the finish line.


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