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Important traffic flow info for this weekend at TMS

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Traffic routing information for the Samsung 500 NASCAR race weekend


Texas Motor Speedway will utilize the same traffic patterns as utilized during the race in November for Saturday and Sunday races to assist spectators in both entering and leaving the Speedway. The only change will be in Friday’s traffic. Due to no scheduled race for that day, the crowds will be smaller and traffic patterns will be only minimally changed with no contra flow anticipated. However, traffic flow may dictate changes at any time. Drivers should follow cone patterns and directions from officers.


In addition to SH 114, it is planned to run an outbound contraflow on FM 156 from Petty Drive south to Eagle Parkway on Sat and Sun. This will provide an extra lane of exiting traffic for persons parked on the west side of the complex. These patterns along with added changes on the interior will allow for traffic to move more efficiently into and out of the complex.


Persons coming to the Speedway are asked to follow the directions of both the police and the traffic control attendants. These people are there to help the spectators get to parking lots and to exit the parking lots. The cones and barricades are there to provide routing into and out of the complex, please follow the patterns. All lanes and gates will permit entry so we ask that patrons stay in their designated lanes once in a cone pattern.




I-35W both north and south will have adequate access to the speedway. When exiting, there will be two lanes available. FM 156 both north and south provides efficient and expeditious routing to the Speedway. From the south, access to FM 156 can be had from both Loop 820 and Hwy. 287. FM 156 can be accessed from I-35 north of Sanger.


Travel from the east will be improved by using the 114 bypass, which will provide two lanes of traffic into the Speedway. This route provides an efficient route from the mid-cities area.


WEST IS BEST- One of the easiest and quickest routes inbound is to utilize SH 114 from the west. Access to this route can be made from Hwy. 287, approximately 11 miles west of the Speedway. Use of this route will allow you to enter the Speedway through Jarrett Drive, which may also be utilized as an exit gate.





Traffic exiting the Speedway after the race will be placed into different traffic lanes from the exit gates from the Speedway. Each of these lanes will go to a specific major roadway. The following information provides driving instruction from each exit gate:


Gordon Road: Inbound campground only.


Mark Martin: On Friday-Sunday, Vehicles exiting Mark Martin will initially be directed onto the southbound Service Road of I-35W, and into the “Texas Turnaround.” Vehicles will travel south to turnaround, under IH35, then northbound on the IH 35 Service Road. Vehicles may access IH 35 northbound from the Service Road, or continue traveling to Earnhardt Drive where they will be directed back onto the southbound Service Road in the left lane and continue south the IH 35 access ramp and on to the freeway. Those who must travel east who have exited the track to IH 35 W (S) follow IH 35 south to SH 170 then east on 170 to SH 114. Those who have exited IH 35 W (N) travel north to FM 1171, then East to HWY 377 and South to HWY 114 E. At such time as contra flowed traffic volume east on 114 allows, the south bound service road of I-35 from Mark Martin will be allowed to proceed east on 114 in the contra flow lane into Roanoke.


Earnhardt: Traffic will be directed south if in the far right traffic lane to the south access ramp to IH 35 W (S), or around the turnaround to the IH 35 service road northbound and onto the freeway. Vehicles in the contra-flowed two left traffic lanes will be directed north on IH 35 W. For any vehicle exiting north that desires to travel south, routing should proceed to the 1171 exit and turn around to go south. To travel east to Dallas the best route is to travel north on I-35W to Denton and then use I-35E southbound to Dallas.


Labonte (Gate A): There are two lanes of traffic exiting this gate, and will be directed eastbound in the westbound traffic lanes. The left or north lane will be directed east on the west bound side of 114 into Roanoke, or north on to the I-35 service road and into the Texas Turnaround. The south or right lane will be directed east onto SH 114 east as a normal directional traffic flow. For persons wanting to travel south from the Speedway, the most efficient routing is east to the SH 114 and Hwy 377 intersection and travel south. Southbound vehicles may then proceed south to Loop 820. Those who must travel north and find themselves on 114 east bound may utilize Hwy 377 north to 1171, then west to IH 35 W (N) or south to Hwy 170 and west to IH 35.


Allison: There are two lanes of traffic exiting this gate, and both will be directed east on SH 114. For persons wanting to go north or south on I35, they will travel east on 114 to Hwy 377. Go south on 377. Southbound vehicles can continue south on 377 to Loop 820, which is only 12 miles. Persons needing to go north should exit at westbound SH 170 to I35W. SH 170 intersects 377 just south of the 114/377 intersection.


Jarrett: There are four lanes of traffic exiting Jarrett. The two left lanes will be directed east to the southbound I-35W entrance ramp for travel south on I-35W. For persons wanting to travel north they need to go to Eagle Parkway and turn around to take I-35W north. Persons who have the need to travel east should proceed to SH 170 and take it east to SH 114. Sunday only will allow for the left lane to also allow an option for the east 114 route. The two right lanes of traffic exiting Jarrett Drive will be directed west and formed into one lane of traffic. This traffic needs to go west to 287, which is about 11 miles. At 287, traffic needing to go south can use 287 or Business 287. Business 287 leads to Loop 820 and avoids the I-35W traffic.


Petty: There are four lanes of traffic exiting Petty. The far right lane will go north on FM 156. Traffic needing to access I35W can use 407 east in Justin or go north to 380. Traffic needing to go north can stay on 156 to I-35. The second lane to the north will have the option of going northbound or southbound. The two left lanes we be directed south onto 156, using a contraflow to Eagle Parkway. The left or contraflow lane will go to Eagle Parkway and then go east on Eagle to I-35W. North or southbound I-35W can be accessed at SH 170, which is several miles to the south of Eagle Parkway. Persons needing to go east on 114 can use SH 170 east to get to 114. The regular lane of 156 will be directed south on 156 to Loop 820, which is 16 miles south of the Speedway. No access to southbound 287 will be allowed from FM 156. During the contraflow, no northbound 156 traffic will be allowed from Eagle Parkway. All northbound traffic will be directed onto Eagle Parkway to I-35W.

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I have no idea, kelyd13. I was just passing on the information from the track.


Maybe someone with first-hand experience navigating traffic at that time of day can give you some insight.



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