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Thanks to Ace It Spray on Polish


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I would like to thank Marco Elizondo, the local distributor for Ace It Spray on Polish for his time in promoting me Saturday night. I know it was cold and you still stayed and handed out flyers and t-shirts.


I would also like to thank the West Coast Regional Distribution Manager, Charlie Malouff, for the nice, "Team Ace It Racing jacket" and the t-shirts that were handed out for me. I hope to have a lasting partnership with Team Ace It Racing. What a blessing to have you on my team.


To all the drivers,


You can see that I did not paint my car for the start of the season. I used the Ace It Spray on Polish and it made it shine. I highly recommend the product. Come by and take a look up close. I will show you the product and give you contact information for the product.


Mona Turner

Team Ace It Racing

#19 SAS Roadrunner


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Guest bigfat



Please get me buckets and buckets of it. I can't wait to see that shiney Red White and Blue in the Winners circle. I'll even rent the track to get that picture. B)



Post Script,

Thank you Mona and Richard for the Blatant bragging and the autographed T-shirt.




Pot calling kettle black.

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Hey Mona,


I didn't get to make the race but glad to see a "WOW" make top three. I'm going to get you a bumper sticker that reads "Who's your momma" so Jody can read it over and over as he is trying to pass you.


Good luck this season and hopefully I will get to make it into the pits one Saturday.




I couldn't resist........................Congrats on your 2nd place finish Saturday. Good luck to you as well.

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