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Pro Cuts TWDTC @ TMS Dirt Track, pre-race report


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Modifieds on the track for hot laps right. Over 200, yes that right 200 modifieds and over 50 SUPR Late Models. I'll try to get a state tally and total number somewhere along the line. 20 heats are scheduled for the modfifieds, 6 heats for the SUPR Late Models. As per the norm SUPR will qualify by passing points, winners of the modified heats go to the A-main, 2nd goes to a b-qualifier, with 3rd and 4th to a C-qualifiers(2) Top 4 from each C goes to the B, top 8 from the B to the A. Top 12 from the A-qualifier transfer to Sat.nights Championship race.


Modified Heats(Winners)

1. 1V Johnny Virden

2. 1x Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

3. 88xxx Clyde Dunn

4. 5A Wes Armstrong

5. 591 Jerry Hoffman

6.88x Tim Clonch, Quinlan, Tx.

7. 4G Gary Clark, Walker, Mo.

8. 27S Greg Skaggs

9. 8c Keith Craft

10. 08 Ken Couch, Midland, Tx.

11. 115 Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.

12. 99T Eric Turner

13. 5t Randy Timms, Ok.

14. 701 Henry Witt jr. Waco, Tx.

15. 5R Sean Jones, Mansfield, Tx.

16. 34 Bobby Duncan

17. 5H Steve Holzkamper

18. 31x Neal Debord, Amarillo, Tx.

19. 101 Chris Henigan, Marshall, Tx.

20. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla.


SUPR Late Models Heats(Top 3)

1. 8 Justin Ingalls, 21 Lee Davis, 99 Ken Schrader

2. 92 Delbert Smith, 11c Jeff Chandler, 88R Ronnie Warman

3. 65 Dewayne Hottinger, 8K Jason Bodenheimer, 58K Garrett Durrett

4. 5 Jon Mitchell, 88w Wendall Wallace, 9R Charles Randolph

5. 2 John Anderson, 07 Kelly Boen, 12D Scott Drake

6. 6x Rob Litton, 93 Ray Moore, 1A Ronny Adams


Modified C-qualifier #2(top 4 to back of B )

1. 2 Paul White, 571 Blaine Shives, 117p Brenden Poole, 727 Glen Hibbard

Modified C-qualifier #1

1. 703 David Smith jr., 21 Chris Brown, 37 Jeremy Chambers, 6x Kyle Pleasant


Modified B-qualifier(Top 8 to back of A)

1. 56 Troy Taylor, 76 Chase Allen, 19x Jamie Burford, 125 Scott Green, 14x Jeff Turner, 12x Lyle Sheppard, 15 Larry Campbell, G7 Jeremy Tibben


SUPR Last Chance #1 (top 2 to A-main)

1. 5R Kyle Cummings, 88R Ronnie Warman

SUPR Last Chance #2

1. 8c Keith Craft, 23 Howard Willis (21 Chris Brown DQ Illegal Tire was 1st)


Modified A-main(Top 12 to Sat. Championship)

1. 23 Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx.

2. 1v Johnty Virden

3. 88xxx Clyde Dunn

4. 5a Wes Armstrong

5. 88x Tim Clonch

6. 99T Eric Turner

7. 19x Jamie Burford

8. 27s Greg Skaggs

9. 4G Gary Clark

10. 115 Nathan Mayes

11. 701 Henry Witt, Waco, Tx.

12 5R Sean Jones



SUPR A-main

1. 07 Kelly Boen, Henderson, Colo

2. 65 Dewayne Hottinger, Bentonville, Ark

3. 2 John Anderson

4. 99 Kenny Schrader, Fenton, Mo.

5. 88w Wendall Wallace

6. 93 Ray Moore

7. L8 Justin Ingalls

8. R5 Kyle Cummings

9. 92 Delbert Smith

10. 9R Charles Randolph

11. 23 Howard Willis


Officials bailed early before I could get full results, these are my "UNOFFICIAL" Results

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Hey Reb... maybe you can walk over to that KMAC SPORTS bunch and let them know that no one can listen in on the broadcast.... No one can connect to the server. Oh well... guess ya got the exclusive!

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How 'bout Justin Ingalls!?! He's been strong in Papa Rays car just about every time I got to see him the last few years.


That modified heat winner list is outrageous... just phenominal. Any night anywhere these fella's could blow anyones doors off.

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Hey folks,

Good news, we have figured out the problem!!


We've been working on our streaming systems and consulting with our streaming provider for the last two hours and are happy to tell you that the issues affecting tonight's broadcast have been corrected.


We are now totally LIVE! Please enjoy the rest of tonight's races. More good news, we will have most of toight's program archived and available for you by tomorrow morning so you can catch most of what you missed.

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