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The Motorsports Zone lives on

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To all:

And I mean this, sincerely....


The Motorsports Zone will continue on KVET-AM 1300, starting in late September. We will move to a new time and day (Sundays at 10 a.m.). I can honestly tell you this--we were as good as dead on Aug. 16th, as per our original agreement. However, the support of our sponsors (Bowlers Choice Pro Shop/now, Mitchell Racing Apparel, Chisholm Trail Icehouse and BBQ, Race Fan Depot, RPM Indoor Raceway, Texasspeedzone.com (TSZ) and, of course, the Zone) and the support of our listeners has helped us survive "the cut," and we'll continue to put you in racing-radio's "fast lane" once a week, live from Austin!


Please keep your eye out on TSZ, on the Zone's web site (www.sportsradio1300.com) and for our newsletter. We'll let you know our re-start date as soon as possible---or, before DEI changes its #1 Pennzoil car driver, whichever comes first!


Thank you all for your continued support!


Chuck Licata

Host, The Motorsports Zone

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Chuck, starting the show...


((whispering....."lettttt'ssss goooooo racccccinnnggggg...shhhh!"))



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You smell....





Okay, just kidding... :D

As for the "re-birth" of the show, I appreciate you asking. And, I will post the "new and improved" suggested itinerary in the MZone Forum later this weekend. I also ask for everyone's input on the show!


And...am I being sincere? You tell me.. :P

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i got your back big dogg.


big john

Hey Reb..

You can't get ANY BETTER than Big John having your back!

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