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Yes, that was it only seven and after everybody complained about not racing in houston and with a $1000 to win you woulda thought more woulda showed up, but we had some serious fun and we ran 70 green flag laps. HMP was great and they even supplied trophies and payed some of the purse so no one went home without something. THANK YOU GRAHAM!!! I look foward to racing there on my off nights with USRA.

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54 Steve Green

07 Rusty Mirth

44 Mike Mogensen

72 Brent Bell

31 Jim Albert

7 John Kelly

64 Terry Mcoul(sp?)


The times ranged from 15.6 to 15.7 for me not sure on the rest


Steve and I were on american racers, Mike ran on the g/y slick and i believe everyone else were on g/y treads.


Yes I still run the 305


Steve did not run off with it I finished 5 or so lengths back. I led like 45-50 laps and Steve led the rest.


Allthough we had only seven trucks everyone had fun and it was pretty cool runnin in the daylight.

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