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Polling the racing crowd


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We are looking into doing new things for the booth...


We are looking at buying a photo printing system.. This would allow us to print photo's off the camera, or computer the night the events happen...


Would you buy them?


What is an acceptable price for a 4X6 Print








Please anyone's feed back is welcome..

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You should market them as $5 for a 4x6 and select a printer that would go up to an 8x10 for $15.


This would really help parents that do not go to the track weekly to buy photos that their kid's may want but may not be back to the track to get the pictures of that night's event at a later date.

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The only problem I see is keeping them off the internet. One person can buy a photo and distribute them to all their friends, relatives, etc. via e-mail.


Otherwise, sounds like a good idea. What I'd like to see are some driver group photos........ all the drivers of a track's each particular class together for one photo on a particular night. Same for the touring series. Think about that photo from 1964 in the History Section. How many views has it had?

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gunnar did they have pics back then? jk


great idea aaron


i'm pretty sure they did dale , it was right after the 'stone to a cave wall' era ...................the exploting kind that would blind you for 4 days and make everything with in 5 miles stink of sulfur. :lol:

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