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Grudge race Promoter Pat Wilson vs Guy Frederick

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The grudge race between TTS Promoter Pat Wilson and Guy Frederick was a site to behold. While most grudge races involve just two cars, mano y mano, this would have a twist added. Or should I say a boat. This race included a boat and trailer attached to the race car, with the only rule being the winner must finish with his boat. On lap 1 Frederick’s boat came off the trailer but was still tied to the car. Frederick pitted and the crew quickly unhitched the trailer. Wilson was faced with other distractions as TTS official pelted him with water balloons from all directions. Wilson retaliated with a fire extinguisher filled with water. This allowed Frederick to catch back up.


The loose boat was easy mark for Wilson who took shots at it wherever possible. The duo rubbed, beat and banged the entire race until Fredericks boat finally came off completely. Wilson drove through it, scattering pieces of foam and fiberglass everywhere. Frederick was first across the line, sans his boat. Wilson protested the win until Frederick produced a die cast boat and trailer from inside the car. I guess nothing was mentioned about “which” boat you had to finish with. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never seen anything like that in my racing lifetime. Though, me thinks, the fix was in, it was better entertainment than WWE though.

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