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Thunder Hill Raceway schedule for Aug. 23rd

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Thunder Hill Raceway

Schedule for

August 23, 2003




2:00 Pit Gate Opens and Tech Inspection

2:30-5:30 Practice Times



Pro Sedans Legends Legacys Hobby Street Late Models

2:30-2:40 2:40-2:50 2:50-3:00 3:00-3:10 3:10-3:20 3:20-3:30

3:30-3:40 3:40-3:50 3:0-4:500 4:00-4:10 4:10-4:20 4:20-4:30

4:30-4:40 4:40-4:50 4:50-5:00 5:00-5:10 5:10-5:20 5:20-5:30


5:00 Pro Sedans Drivers Meeting

5:15 Legends Drivers Meeting

5:30 Legacys Drivers Meeting

5:30 Main Gate Opens

5:45 THR Officials Meeting In Office

5:45 THR Drivers Cut Off

6:00 THR Drivers Meeting in Garage

Legends Time Trials

Late Models Time Trials


Opening Ceremonies


Texas Pro Sedans Heat Races

Allison Legacys Heat Races

Hobby Stocks Heat Races

A-Line Auto Parts Street Stocks Heat Races

Texas Pro Sedans Feature Race

Lone Star Legends Feature Race

Allison Legacys Feature Race




Hobby Stocks Feature Race

A-Line Auto Parts Street Stocks Feature Race

Satellite Country Late Models Feature Race


Track Closed...Pit area open for fans to meet drivers & crews!


Next Week...Hobby Stocks, A-Line Auto Parts Street Stocks, Satellite Country Late Models, & The All Star Race Trucks

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