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TAMS @ SAS results 8-16-03

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Texas Asphalt Modifieds @ San Antonio Speedway 8-16-03

By J M Hallas

San Antonio, Texas. In qualifying it was James Cole putting up the fastest time in his Car Quest/SouthWest Public Safety/Diversified Truck and Trailer Inc./Precision Collision/Color Trim Auto Upholstery/ Swenson Race Chassis. Cole bested the 22 car field with a 19.53 and drew the pole for the start of the 50 lap main event.

Cole and Newton Barta paced the field to green, with Barta beating Cole into turn one for the lead. Bruce Beddoe challenged Cole for second, but Cole hung on to the runner up spot. Cole then put a charge on to regain the point, as the top seven ran nose to tail. Cole would catch Barta in the turns and give him a few bumper taps, but Barta would get a good launch on the straights.

On lap 10 Cole was able to get along side Barta, but was unable to complete the pass. Lap 13 proved unlucky for Chris Swenson as he and Casey Smith made contact sending them hard into the turn three wall. Don Banker tried to split the middle of the disabled cars and tagged the wall also. Swenson was knocked out briefly, but was able to walk to the ambulance on his own power.

Swenson was transported to Willford Hall Medical Center for precautionary reasons as he was still a little groggy after the incident. He will be held overnight for observation and treatment for a concussion. I spoke with one of his crew members who said he talked to Swenson on the phone and that he was doing alright and, in true racer form, was more concerned with the condition of the car.

On the restart, Barta got out to a good lead, but Cole reeled him back in quickly. The top three began to pull away from Jerry Schild in fourth, while Jason Ray got by Lawrence Mikulencak for seventh. The leaders ran into traffic just before halfway and at the mid point it was Barta, Cole, Beddoe, Schild and Larry Smith rounding out the top five.

Cole’s challenges came to an end when sparks started flying off the rear of his car and was forced to pit with a broken rear suspension. Barta then had comfortable 4 ½ second lead over Beddoe in second, while fastest car was Ray coming from up from his mid pack start. Ray ran down L. Smith and made short work of him, then got by Schild to grab third. Caution flew on lap 30 when Joey Hieneman and Schild made contact while battling for fourth.

Barta got a good jump back under green as the top five separated out by 3-4 car lengths. Meanwhile a good scrap was going on for 6th-9th between, Keith Sandefur, Jeff Smith, Chris Davidson and Eddy Ross. With 10 to go Ray ran down Beddoe and got by low in three and four. L. Smith also got around Beddoe as he started to fade with sour sounding motor. By now Barta had nearly a full straightaway lead over Ray and was able to easily cruise on to take the win in his 3D Landscaping/Longs Machine Shop/Oval Components/Dodson House Moving/Lefthander Chassis.


1 Newton Barta

2 Jason Ray

3 Larry Smith

4 Lawrence Mikulencak

5 Jerry Schild

6 Keith Sandefur

7 Kenny Huggins

8 Jeff Smith

9 Eddy Ross

10 Ron Zearfross

11 Bruce Beddoe

12 Chris Snocker

13 David Machen

14 James Cole

15 Matt Gardener

16 Joey Hieneman

17 Austin Carter

18 HE Naumann

19 Chris Davidson

20 Chris Swenson

21 Casey Smith

22 Don Banker

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It was a wild night for the mods. There were about 23 there; #6 Gilfus scratched before qualifying, and #11 Huggins got there late.

21 qualified, and #14 James Cole ran another good lap of 19.53 to sit on the pole, with #4 Barta outside. Next were #5 Schild, and #18 Beddoe, #48 Swenson, #15 C. Davidson, #31 C. Smith, #25 L. Smith, #87 Mikulencak, and #20 Gardner to make the top ten. Barta gets a good start to lead the pack at the green. Everyone strings out, until about lap 13, when 31 and 48 get together in three, I couldn't see it, but it somehow caught up #37 Banker. Swenson took a vicious hit, and got to visit the fine folks at Wilford Hall. Great to say he was all right.

The lead pack is 4, 14, 18, 5, and 25. They run this way through the halfway flags, then 14 starts showing sparks and smoke. Turns out he has a broken panhard bar. About lap 29, caution flies again for 5 and #46 Joey Heinaman in the backstretch fence. 5 continues, 46 is done. James Cole makes repairs, and is one of the fastest cars on the track. If he ever breaks this string of bad luck he's having, he is gonna be a tough one to beat. With 20 to go, the lead pack is 4, 18, #77 Jason Ray, who is making a nice smooth run from a mid-pack starting spot, 25, and 87. 87 is driving his car off the corners like he's on a dirt track somewhere. Mikulencak is fun to watch anywhere he runs. A couple more laps, and 18 starts slowing, and eventually has to bring it in, a carburator problem ends a great run for Beddoe. The last laps of the race are uneventful, and ends with 4 by himself, 77, 25, 87, 5, 44, 23, 11.


My notes aren't very good, by feature time, it had been a long day, as we had to change engines in our car (#81) after the first practice, and we want to thank the crews of #44 Keith Sandefur, TSRS #03 David Snokhous, and James Willingham for all the help. The day got longer when the second engine ran hot. On top of that, a couple of us helped Eddy Wallace get his back together enough to get it in the trailer (He hurt his after Bubba Naumann spun in front of him in practice, and he had nowhere to go).

Wallace was flying in practice before that, and would have been a

contender in the race.

If that ain't enough, I took some of Wallace's parts, along with Machen's engine, to Austin last night after the ROMCO feature ended, and finally got back home to Schertz about 2:15.

Mullins and his gang put on a good show, the stands were PACKED, more so than I have seen in a bunch of years, and in spite of the crashing, in all the classes, it was about 10:45 when Greg was doing donuts on the front stretch.

Who can remember EVER getting done at S.A. before 12:00?

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Tom my Dad #37 Don Banker was caught up in that wreck when he tried to go between Casey and Swenson and caught the very tip of Swensons bumper thus he could not slow down enough to keep away from the wall. He tore the car down though so just some hard work and we will be ready for the next race.

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From Wayne Norrell;

Texas Asphalt Modified Series @ San Antonio Speedway

8/16/03 official results:


1. 4 Newton Barta Jr. Lytle, TX 50 laps

2. 77 Jason Ray Kerville, TX 50 laps

3. 25 Larry Smith Corpus Christi, TX 50 laps

4. 87 Lawrence Mikulencak Corpus Christi, TX 50 laps

5. 5 Jerry Schild Katy, TX 50 laps

6. 44 Keith Sandefur Round Rock, TX 50 laps

7. 11 Kenny Huggins Georgetown, TX 50 laps

8. 23 Jeff Smith La Vernia, TX 49 laps

9. 35 Eddy Ross Corpus Christi, TX 49 laps

10. 53 Ron Zearfoss San Antonio, TX 47 laps

11. 18 Bruce Beddoe Robstown, TX 43 laps

12. 28 Chris Snocker San Antonio, TX 43 laps

13. 81 David Machen Austin, TX 39 laps

14. 14 James Cole San Antonio, TX 39 laps

15. 20 Matt Gardener Corpus Christi, TX 34 laps

16. 46 Joey Heinaman Robstown, TX 30 laps

17. 74 Austin Carter Harlingen, TX 28 laps

18. 40 H E Naumann Austin, TX 23 laps

19. 15 Chris Davidson Houston, TX 13 laps

20. 48 Chris Swenson Comfort, TX 13 laps

21. 31 Casey Smith Austin, TX 13 laps

22. 37 Don Banker Austin, TX 13 laps

23. 6 Ed Gilfus Bastrop, TX DNS


Fast Time: #14 James Cole 19.53

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Just a quick not to let everybody know that Chris Swenson was finally dismissed from Wilford Hall this afternoon. Passed all the Cat-scan test, but still has a big headache. Thanks to all the fans & fellow TAMS racers for their Prayers, calls, & support. We are all very competitive on the track, but it takes something like this to make you realize how close our racing family really is. Thanks againg from the Swenson racing Family. !!! See you all soon !!!!

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