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Track worker injured at Battleground loses fight


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This just off the whowon.com forum; very sad news indeed.


"my uncle, robert meyer, passed away this evening on aug 11, 2003. the doctors said he was mostly dead when he arrived but we all clung to the small hope that a miracle would save him. just know that bob is still probably up there racing, looking down on us, saying "get over it.. i'm having fun." you remember how he is.. don't think that your prayers have gone unanswered; it was simply his time. we'll all miss him very much. "

God bless,


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From all of us in the ROMCO Super Late Model Series, let me say that we are very sorry for your loss. Any time something like this happens in the racing world, it is a great loss to all of us weather it asphalt or dirt racing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Terry Barden

ROMCO Race Director

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This is very sad news indeed.


As a driver we take our own safety as a very high priority. While racing, things happen very fast and sometimes get out of everyones control. I can not imagine how the track workers and officials can do what they do every week. When you think about it, they are very vulnerable in their positions.


I for one, will make sure that while I am on the track, I will pay more attention to the workers/officials positions and do my best not to put them in danger. I am sure all the drivers are with me on this as well.


My condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family on their great loss.


Here's to safer racing.



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