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:) I was just thinking about back in the eighties,there was basically one late model class,except for the few limiteds at Hwy. 16,you could basically run Austin,Hwy 16 and even CC back then,with a few changes,yes I doo agree Romco has more cars now,but I think there are classes that are too similiar to each other,but considered different classes.THR limiteds are similiar to SAS late models except for quick change,carb and and wider tires.It would be nice to have the tracks work together and be able to run two nights like the old days. I do bellieve that a stock sub car and a tube car can run together,like Breiten did in TIDA with good success.SAS might as well go back to the 500 holley for the season,they let the drivers run them in Octoberfast anyway,then maybe more drivers could crossover from other tracks,most run the 500 anyway.With the right rules maybe some Romco would be willing to put a 500 on the concept engines and run with the locals,could be done with the proper weight adjustments to make the cars competitive,I remember seeing some Austin cars with basically a limited car beat some good latemodels back then.Just my thoughts what does everyone think?
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From what I've heard and seen on old videos from when my dad raced at SAS in the early 80's, there were more limiteds than there were latemodels. Seems like on most nights the only latemodels were Tommy Davis, Keith Reithmeyer, Biershwale, and a few others. Usually were atleast 14 limiteds.

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I run a stock stub big spring home built chassis with the San Antonio late models and do ok usually in the top 6 or 7 with a couple of top fives ,it is not that big a strech. Kyle has however changed to more like a ROMCO late model crossed with a SAS late model they use a steering box drag link set up on the steering like the SAS late models but run an offset underslung rear clip like ROMCO.The carbs are diffrent as you pointed out and the other thing that is diffrent is the SAS cars run mini clutches and a 105" wheelbase where kyle and TSRS run 108" wheelbase and a 10 clutch.With the leftside and total weight equal clutches and carbs and tires I dont see why these cars cant run together even with the wheelbase difference.

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Well, its hard to say.... reading from the HWY 16 RACEWAY

program from Sept 19,1981 let's check the standings (these were point standings, not number of cars for the weekly program):


Late Model:

1. Tommy Davis

2. Eddie Bierschwale

3. Hubert Bean

4. Jimmy Finger

5. Jerry Schild

6. Greg Davidson

7. Keith Riethmeyer

8. Leroy Farmer

9. Rick Rapp

10. Ed Schzech



1. Carl Wentrcek

2. Tex Horn

3. Terry Edwards

4. Johnny Bierschwale

5. Bubba Menard

6. John Meyer

7. Wally Garcia

8. Frank Opiela

9. John Rose

10. Mike Reininger


Anybody remember these classes ??

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Hoosierdaddy is correct about the early 80's. We saw several nights when there were 4 or less latemodels in the pits. On a couple occasions they let the top couple limited finishers, (usually Danny Stewart and whoever finished 2nd), run with the late models, and Stewart in James Lothringers' car could run with them.

Hoosier--Aren't you one of the Menards?

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Yes sir txtom, I'm Bubba's son. I've heard some good ol' stories about racing back then. That was my dad's first year in racing and he was only 16 when he started that year, but turned 17 soon after, so I wasnt around at the time being that I'm only 15. They didn't know alot about it yet, just bought the car from Tommy Grothues and went racing. Probably could have won the championship in limited that first year had they known a little more, especially about tires. Carl Wentreck had told them that his used tires were just as good as new ones, and that he would sell them to em alot cheaper. So not knowing a whole lot yet, they took him up on the offer. After a few months of racing went by, and they were already way back in points, my dad made the comment to his dad(my grandpa) on the way to the track that if they bought some new tires he thought he could probably win. So they bought new tires, and in his heat, him and Carl Wentreck were side by side coming out of 4, got together and went across the start finish line side ways with my dad getting his first win. After the race my grandpa asked Carl, "Hey Carl, you want to buy some of our used tires?" :P My dad went on to win 6 features and 6 heats in the second half of that season and wound up 3rd in points. At the end of the season they bought a brand new latemodel from larry shaw and wrecked it the first night of the '82 season, I beleive it was the first time he went over the wall, and it bent the whole frame pretty bad, car never was competitive after that. He raced until '85 and then money started to take a toll on them from racing, so they gave it up at a time when most drivers are just getting started in latemodels, age 22 I think. We have a TON of pictures from racing back then, even a lot from the TROC races, as soon as I get a scanner, I'll put them all on here.

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I remember that car, #65. Your dad was some kinda wide-eyed when they got him out of the car after going out of the place!

I also remember exactly what you said about that late model, it was a handful after he wrecked it.

By the way, I saw Carl at a boat show here in February. He is a fishing guide in Corpus.

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and that was just the first time he went out, he went out again the next season I think. Dont remeber which one he said was which, but once the throttle hung down the back stretch, and the other was with Ricci Ware Jr. in turns 1 and 2. My dad went over and Ricci came back down the track on his roof.

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