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New found respect


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Jimmy Farmer was kind enough to let me take his nova down the strip last night not once but twice :huh: I have gone to the strip many times but never went down the track. My first pass was 11.24 @ 121.26mph slept all week on the light (2.3923) things happen alot faster behind the wheel than what I thought and off the line I was half throtle thinking I was to the floor (heavy return spring). The second pass was a 10.27 @ 127.37mph slept all night on this one (1.40) guess I need to be looking at the lights instead of the trans brake button. I did make sure I had the pedal to the floor (sounds a little different on the two step) then let go of the button and BAM I was gone with a grin from ear to ear. It is a different anaimal actually being out there (big rush) and I know I stepped behind the wheel of a very fast car.


Thanks Jimmy you are a stand up guy. It takes alot of trust to let someone drive your car.


Jason Ray

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