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TexasSpeedZone.Com 50(USRA Modifieds) @ SAS recap

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Mitchell out-masters Modified field for first ever win

Sixteen year old, Trey Mitchell became yet another new face added to the list of first time winners this year as the former Allison Legacy pilot picked up his first ever USRA Modified win. Mitchell used patience and persistence to get by points leader, Billy Becka in the final stages of the 50 lap event, then build a comfortable margin for the victory.


The start of the USRA Modified Texasspeedzone.com 50 was a wild one from the drop of green. It was one of those races that being in the lead seemed not the place to be. Polesitter, Ryan Engelhardt got away cleanly while defending series champion Bruce Beddoe got sideways off turn 4. In the pack, newcomer, Bobby Teer jr. spun down the front stretch and was barely clipped by John Witzsche. Clare Randall spun around and backed over the front end of Teer going airborne briefly. Teer was done with the right front torn off, Randall and Witzsche were able to continue


Engelhardt got out front again on green, with Beddoe falling into second and fast qualifier Barta third. The top six began to check out on the rest of the field with Mark Chrudimsky getting by Barta for third. The top three then started to ease away from points leader Billy Becka in fourth. The veteran, Beddoe continued to pressure the young Engelhardt for the lead, while at the same time trying to hold off Chrudimsky.


The top six then separated out into two three-car packs until Chrudimsky pulled up and pitted from third on lap 10. Beddoe got alongside Engelhardt on the back stretch but couldn't complete the pass giving Barta the chance to reel in the leaders. As the lead duo settled down they again put some space on Barta.


On lap 21, Beddoe got along side Engelhardt on the back stretch and going into turn 3, Engelhardts’s car went up in smoke handing the lead over Beddoe on lap 22. Halfway came under yellow during the clean-up with Beddoe, Barta, Becka, Mitchell and Bob Slezinsky in the top five.


On the restart, Mitchell looked up on the high side of Becka on the front straight, while Barta took a peek under Beddoe for the lead on the back stretch. But yellow was quickly back out for a spin by Witzsche. The next try was almost a carbon copy, but this time it was Beddoe and Barta making contact going into turn 3 sending them both into the wall, out of the lead and race.


Becka assumed the lead for the restart on lap 35, with Mitchell right on his bumper. The young gun, looking for his first win, took a look inside Becka coming out of turn 4. The duo continued to battle until the lap car of Chrudimsky jumped into the mix. With Becka and Mitchell scrapping for the lead, Chrudimsky was trying one of his laps back.


Chrudimsky finally made his way by both the lead cars, and the fight for the top spot was back on with eight circuits remaining. Becka and Mitchell were wheel to wheel on lap 42 and again on lap 43 when Mitchell finally got by Becka going into turn 3 securing the point on lap 44.


Once out front Mitchell put a slight margin on Becka, who was slowing slightly after dropping a cylinder, Slezinsky, John Paul Kliewer and Mel Krauss. As the white waved, Mitchell had built a margin of over a second and half at the checkers in the Patriot Car Wash, mom and dad, sponsored Hog Chassis with a Westside Performance/Spreen Race engine.


“It’s truly awesome to race this well against this caliber of drivers,” replied Mitchell with a grin from ear to ear. “It seemed like everything was wrong with the car in the final laps. I thought I had a right rear going down, the motor was giving up. I’m sure it was just in my head, but it was pretty nerve wracking the last five laps.”

“I just try to blend into the veterans conversations and pick up what I can. I haven’t gotten really buddy-buddy with any of them, but they’ve all been great helping me out especially Mark Chrudimsky, Billy Becka and Bruce Beddoe. It’s challenging being a rookie and race against these guys. I just try to take it easy and get my mind right for the race.”

“People don’t realize how much it takes to drive a Legacy car,” added Mitchell. “That series is very competitive. It’s a real good training ground. The jump wasn’t that big of a deal. Yes there’s more horsepower, the cars are bigger, but the Legacy car was a big learning tool, so the transition was pretty easy.”


USRA Modified, Texasspeedzone.com 50 results

1. 47 Trey Mitchell

2. 29 Billy Becka

3. 26 Bob Slezinsky

4. 22 John Paul Kliewer

5. 96 Mel Krauss

6. 97 John Witzsche

7. 78 Greg Baber

8. 45 Clare Randall

9. 18 Bruce Beddoe

10. 89 Newton Barta

11. 39 Mark Chrudimsky

12. 53 Ryan Engelhardt

13. 2 Bobby Teer jr.

14. 88 Larry Hughes

77 Jason Ray—DNS

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