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Thursday Night Stampede

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FORT WORTH-DALLAS (July 31, 2003) – Race winners in the Classic Chevrolet Pre-Owned and Hummer Thursday Night Stampede at Texas Motor Speedway may as well call victory lane home. Thursday night’s victors have spent plenty of time there this summer.




Eleven-year-old Johnny Gottsacker took his sixth Bandolero Bandits feature of the campaign during the program. Five-time Stampede winners included Scott Merino in the Legends Semi-Pros and Mark Webb Jr. in the Bandolero Young Guns. Legends Masters defending champion Robert Merino earned his fourth main event triumph while Legends Pro point leader Jared Whitton collected his third straight win.




“The Shark” Gottsacker bit through the competition enroute to his sixth Bandolero Bandits triumph of the Stampede season. Gottsacker took the lead on the third lap and bested Steven Abbey and national point leader Hoyt Richter.




Scott Merino took advantage of brother Mark’s mid-race misfortune to earn the Legends Semi-Pro checkered flag. Mark Merino led the opening 11 laps before going high in the third turn that allowed Scott into first. Brent Seeley took second, 0.38 seconds behind with Kevin Trammell third.




Webb stayed in front of the Bandolero Young Guns 15-lapper from green to checkered. Jack Merino started eighth and trailed Webb by 3.08 seconds.




Robert Merino took command at the start and led the entire caution-free 20-lap Legends Masters feature. Merino beat runnerup Larry Riggan by 0.73 seconds.




Third-starting Whitton moved under Derek Shumaker on the second lap and ran away from the Legends Pro field. Buddy Goudy finished second, ahead of Shumaker who came from the back of the pack following a third-lap spin.




KSCS’ Brother Van pushed Mike Walsh out of the way, and nearly into the final corner wall, to claim the victory in the KSCS School Bus Race. Next week Racer Roy, “The Clown Prince of Motorsports,” has challenged race starter, “Black Flag John” Ridenour, to a one-on-one bus race on “Back to School Night.”




Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX – Thursday, July 31, 2003






Feature (25 laps): 1. Jared Whitton, 2. Buddy Goudy, 3. Derek Shumaker, 4. Don Barnard, 5. Gene Conley, 6. Don Johle, 7. Randy Miles, 8. Rusty Vinson.








Feature (20 laps): 1. Robert Merino, 2. Larry Riggan, 3. John Crane, 4. Philip Ramirez, 5. Bob Farnham, 6. Evans Shaw, 7. Mike Nowels, 8. Scott Eyer, 9. Don Brown, 10. Bret Shisler, 11. Buddy Troutman, 12. Gerald Babbitt, 13. Mike Reid, 14. Ray Schlag.








Feature (20 laps): 1. Scott Merino, 2. Brent Seeley, 3. Kevin Trammell, 4. Tom Strader, 5. Mark Merino, 6. Robert Richardson, 7. Mike Salter, 8. John Montgomery, 9. J. Alston, 10. Harold Smith, 11. Nick Robinson, 12. Sabrina Kersey, 13. Michael Dabney, 14. Jerry King, 15. Ed Morrison, 16. Daniel Luce, 17. Jason Young, 18. Dean Buescher.








Feature (15 laps): 1. John Gottsacker, 2. Steven Abbey, 3. Hoyt Richter, 4. Jordan Webb, 5. Justin Long, 7. Ian Lovette, 8. Broc Murphy, 9. Trey Robinson, 10. Travis Robinson.








Feature (15 laps): 1. Mark Webb Jr., 2. Jack Merino, 3. James Buescher, 4. Skyler Riley, 5. Alex Montgomery, 6. Andrew Murphy, 7. Dean Abbey, 8. Nathan Wilson.




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