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Heart O Texas Speedway local class reports 7/21/06

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Heart O Texas Speedway, local class reports 7/21/06

By J M Hallas


In the IMCA classes features were started straight up by points with no heat races run as part of mid-season championship night.


Warren holds off Egbert for hard earned win

In the IMCA Modifieds, points leader Ronnie Warren and Justin Radcliff led the 15-car field to green for the 20 lap A-main. Warren jumped out front as the green waved with current IMCA Regional points leader, P J Egbert taking second. Defending champion Keith Green and Kenny Stone battled side by side for fourth. Green then got by Radcliff for third, while Pat McGuire was passing Stone for fifth.


Egbert hung on the rear bumper of Warren, while McGuire on the high side worked beside Radcliff for fourth. J P Dowell was quickly up to sixth on lap 4 after starting at the back of the field. Warren and Egbert then increased their advantage on Green and McGuire with a five fight raging between Radcliff, Stone, Steven Carter, Dowell and Chad Estes for fifth.


As the crossed flags were shown the top five of Warren, Egbert, Green, McGuire and Stone remained the same. Egbert was still hot on Warren’s heels when yellow waved on lap 14 when Tanner Whitmire and Cody Daniels tangled in turn 4. Once back to green, Egbert tried the high groove on Warren for the lead. The two were wheel to wheel on lap15 with Egbert leading by a bumper at the line.


Warren fought back to retake the point on lap 16 before caution waved for debris of Radcliff’s car in turn 1. On the restart, Egbert once again took a peek up top, but fell back in line. Egbert continued to pressure Warren in the final laps and took one last attempt as the white waved. At the checkers it was Warren in the Affiliated Auto Glass, BG Products, Qwik Chassis taking the win.


IMCA Modified feature

1 34 Ronnie Warren

2 707 PJ Egbert

3 5 Keith Green

4 9 Pat McGuire

5 5k Kenny Stone

6 83 Chad Estes

7 15 Andrew Simmerman

8 71 Michael Lamb

9 11j Justin Radcliff

10 38 Billy Bachmeyer

11 76s Cody Daniels

12 3A Matt Hood

13 118 Steven Carter

14 101 Tanner Whitmire

15 715 JP Dowell



White goes Wire to Wire

The IMCA Southern SportMod main saw 24 of the 25 cars take the green with defending Southern SportMod National Champion, Keith White beating Robert Black into turn 1. By lap 3 White had built a four car edge over Black as the field finally sorted out single file. With everyone hugging the bottom, White increased his lead while an eight car battle raged in the middle of the pack for position.


At halfway it was White, Black, Chris Cogburn, Dillon Smith and Shannon Dulock in the top five. White caught lap traffic on lap 12 but got a break when K. Green and Chase Jupe spun in turn 3. With clear track ahead, White eased away from Black, while Brandon Stewart did a 360 and kept going. Yellow waved again on lap 13 when T J Green spun and collected Donald Price and Chris Wills. Under yellow, Cogburn was sent to the pits from third because of a loose bumper.


White got away as green waved again, while Black was battling side by side with Smith for second. With five to go, White had a five car gap to Black who was still being chased closely by Smith. Jupe took a short flight when he jumped the rear wheel of Jimmie Thomas, spun but was able to continue on lap 16 with no caution. White held his margin of four car lengths as the checkers waved another time for the veteran hotshoe in the Tracy’s Auto Sales, Pflugerville Machine, Central Texas Pest Control, Stewarts Painting, Manhiem Auto Auction, CRC Racing, Smileys Chassis.


IMCA Sportmod feature

1 1 Keith White

2 07 Robert Black

3 03 Dillon Smith

4 47 Shannon Dulock

5 45T Eric Thomlinson

6 17 Jeffery Sheppard

7 1R Ritchie Robins

8 5 Kevin Green

9 14 Ricky Heckel

10 24 Chris Wills

11 55 TJ Green

12 5c Chris Cogburn

13 3j Donald Price

14 21 Jimmie Thomas

15 7 Cody Frank

16 27s James Skinner

17 T7 Scott Tacker

18 Sly1 BJ Dulock

19 30 Chase Jupe

20 52 Mark McDaniel

21 2 Brandon Stewart

22 771 Sam Sovey

23 1B Brandon Hood

24 1w DL Wilson


Dulock does it in I-Stock scramble


B J Dulock and Jason Honey paced the 11-car IMCA Stock feature to green with Dulock getting the lead on lap 1. The top five ran close with Eric Jones and J. Honey door to door for second. Estes moved past J. Honey on lap 2 for third leaving him side by side with Benji Kirkpatrick for fourth. Dulock edged out a three car length margin while Mark Guerin got by J. Honey for fifth. As the race reached the halfway point, Dulock still increasing his lead with Geurin joining the three car fight for second.


Just as Dulock caught lap traffic up front, Estes drove into Kirkpatrick who then got into Jones sending both of them around in turn 3. Estes was black flagged for rough driving. Dulock jumped ahead once the green flew with Guerin and Ed Thompson side by side for second and J. Honey door to door with Tommy Honey for fourth. On the last lap J. Honey tried to make it three wide with Guerin and Thompson for second while Dulock in the Boo Boo’s Enterprises, Oasis Heating & Cooling, Eastward Signs, Affiliated Auto Glass, Midwest Motorsports Engines, Qwik Chassis by Dulock was taking the checkers.


IMCA Stock feature

1 251 BJ Dulock

2 42 Mark Guerin

3 181 Ed Thompson

4 4 Jason Honey

5 84x Eric Jones

6 18K Tommy Honey

7 47 Benji Kirkpatrick

8 34 Justin McCullough

9 C4 Cham Savage

83 Chad Estes---BF Rough Driving

73k David Khoury--BF


Sodek so good in IMCA Hobby Stocks

Dillon Smith and Jason Gallimore led the 13-car IMCA Hobby Stock feature to green with Smith getting the point. Chandler Simons and Mike Robertson ran side by side until Simons spun on lap 1 moving Nathan Sodek to fifth. Sodek then got Robertson on lap 2 for fourth. Allen Montgomery and Mark Bullock ran door to door for position until yellow waved when Charles Cosper stopped in turn 3.


On the restart Sodek got past Gallimore for second, with Robertson and Gallimore then side by side for third. Montgomery moved took over third on lap 12 after getting around both Gallimore and Robertson. Sodek caught Smith with the duo door to door for the top spot on lap13. Sodek got the advantage as the white flag waved. Smith fought back with two fighting to finish. As the checkers waved it was Sodek in the Quality Tile, Texas Star Racing, Donuts Designs, X-Factor Race Engines Mike Muffler, Arty & Sons Paint & Body, Brazos Roofing Destroyer Chassis by a car length over Smith.


IMCA Hobby Stock feature

1 60 Nathan Sodek

2 03 Dillon Smith

3 38 Allen Montgomery

4 27 Mark Bullock

5 21 Jason Gallimore

6 17 Mike Robertson

7 10 Jeremy Bost

8 07 Stephan Robison

9 5c Chandler Simons

10 22 Trey Johnson

11 13 Steve Smith

12 33 Charles Cosper

13 18 Jeremy Hendrix


Sixteen cars took the green flag in the Street Stock feature with polesitter, Greg Culverhouse getting the best of Paul Barton at the start. Back in the pack in was two and three wide until lap 3 when the field started to sort with Mike Sutherland getting fourth. Barton and Ed Thompson ran side by side for second with Thompson getting the position and quickly catching Culverhouse for the lead on lap 5. Thompson waste little getting the lead away on lap 6, with Sutherland a Doug Andrews door to door for fourth.


Yellow waved on lap 6 when Brandon Guerin and Paul Steele got tangled in turns 1-2. Thompson got away clean on the restart with Sutherland blasting by both Barton and Culverhouse for second. Andrews then was able to do the same on lap 9 for third. Andrews then snagged second from Sutherland on lap 12 but it was too little, too late as Thompson was well ahead. At the finish it was Thompson taking the victory by a comfortable margin.


Street Stock

1 181 Ed Thompson

2 1 Doug Andrews

3 3 Mike Sutherland

4 18 Paul Bolfing

5 03 Paul Barton

6 47 Logan Saulters

7 9 Paul Steele

8 32 Bill Eller

9 42 Brandon Guerin

10 7d Danny Davis

11 14 Greg Culverhouse

12 00 Merwin Balz

13 20 James Hammock jr

14 71 Tommy Kirkpatrick

15 2 John Heffelfinger

73x Jason Gaunt---DQ, Too Light (finished third)


Ray Vann got the lead from Joe Williams at the start of the 15 lap, 13-car Pure Stock feature. J. Williams got the lead on lap with Melvin Kemp getting third on lap 3. Kemp and Charlie Norris got by Vann on lap 7 for second and third. The yellow was out on lap 8 when Thomas Schmidt and David Sawyer got together in turn 4. After the restart, Kemp got around J. Williams for the lead on lap 9, while Sawyer got by Vann for third.


Sawyer and Vann both moved up on lap 11 as they got the better of J. Williams for second and third. Vann and J. Williams then spun in turn collecting Andy Roller. Up front it was still Kemp with a good lead over Sawyer as the white flag was shown. Taking the checkers by five cars lengths was multi-time winner Kemp.


Pure Stock feature

1 54 Melvin Kemp

2 4 David Sawyer

3 22 Jack Jenkins

4 76 Cody Daniels

5 c17 Charlie Norris

6 11 Marshall Saucedo

7 3 Edward Harcrow

8 32 Joe Williams

9 63 Andy Roller

10 31 Jeff Williams

11 17x Ray Vann

12 27 Thomas Schmidt

13 51 Kevin Smith


In the 12-car, 15 lap Cruiser feature Russell Bullock and Jeff Woodruff made contact on the front stretch with Bullock getting lead. Raymond Hixson got past Harold Sutter on lap five to take second. Sutter would retire with trouble while Michael Haisler and Michael Geunat picked their way through traffic to the top five from the back. Bullock would go on to snare the flag to flag win, his first ever HOT Speedway checkers.



Cruiser feature

1 24 Russell Bullock

2 52 Raymond Hixson

3 07 Michael Haisler

4 25 Jason Guenat

5 10 Jeff Willis

6 95 James Wills

7 70 Sean Robertson

8 77 David Willis

9 96 Jeff Woodruff

10 12 Paula Gilbert

11 44 William Dean

12 9H Harold Sutter


In the Jr Mini Stocks, Jay Symm got the early lead in the 12-car, 12 lap feature. Corbin Taylor moved in to challenge Symm after a lap 4 restart. Symm ran up on lap traffic on the final lap that proved to be his undoing. Symm tried to get by low, while Taylor jumped up on the high side and got around both Symm and the lap car on the last lap to take the victory.

Jr Mini Stock

1 1T Corbin Taylor

2 22 Jay Symm

3 53 Jesse Parker

4 3d Dylan Smith

5 75 Kyle Davis

6 7 Brandon Campos

7 84c Aaron Childress

8 65 Leon Alvarado

9 03 Trey Estes

10 63z Zach Henson

11 28t Trevor Reed

12 0 Brandon Kreder

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