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hmp class results?


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As Per Mylaps.com...


Pro Modified...


1. 15 John heil

2. 40. H.E. Naumann

3. 4 Andy W.

4. 77 Jason Ray

5. 81 David Machen

6. 17 Ronnie Loomis


Sportsman Late Model


1. 41 James Reeder

2. 20 Todd Brady

3. 49 Robert Walton

4. 09 Kyle Sirizotti


Pro Late Model


1. 11 Brent Seeley

2. 000 Stephan McCurley

3. 5 Eddy Wallace

4. 09 Kyle Sirizotti

5. 00 Kristin Bumbera

6. 02 Matt Smith

7. 49 Robert Walton

8. 10 Kirby Honeycutt

9. 41 James Reeder

10. 20 Todd Brady

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We ran the 8" tire.....

loose, loose, loose, the first one.....went to far in second race, tight, tight, tight..

these cars dont like much change, but that's why we did it...practice, learn. ect.......we could of taken 125lb's off but chose to run our weight for TSRS

had a good time, the officials from H.M.P. where great..looking forward to doing it again.

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Guest Mary Ann Naumann

The purse was paid in all three classes just as promised, it was some very good racing! Looking forward to the 24th.

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