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george hagy


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found this on bill davis racing website


George Hagy - Body Man


Hagy joined BDR in December 2002, as the No. 23 team’s body man. At the age of eight, Hagy started racing quarter-midgets and has been hooked on racing ever since. When Hagy graduated high-school, he moved from his hometown of San Antonio, Texas to Birmingham, Alabama to build chassis for Neil Bonnett Race Cars. Since the age of 18, he has been building chassis full-time while racing as a hobby.


George is married to Joy and his hobbies include camping, fishing and taking care of their six pets (dogs, cats, bird & a fish).



big john

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Rick and Slick were both great ones Jason, John Kelly was

hot @ SAS for many years as was Tommy Davis and

Ed Sczech prior to him. I recall Carl Wentrcek winning many

main events in the Limited Stocks after Eddie Bierschwale

and the lovely Robin McCall went to LM.... it seems like an

endless list of greats @ that track.


Hagy is the all-time NASCAR Late Model winner @ SAS according

to Steve Jung's trivia from the other nite's program and he racked-

up many wins before 1990.

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Actually, the question posed in the program was, "Who are the top six NASCAR Late Model feature winners from March 1990 through July 12, 2003?" The correct answer according to Steve Jung is:


1. Brandon Bendele - 37 Wins

2. Donny Horelka - 34 Wins

3. Jason Oates - 30 Wins

4. Ervin Breiten, Jr. - 26 Wins

5. George Hagy III - 19 Wins

6. Larry Bendele - 18 Wins


Of course, Ervin mentioned that he achieved his winning stats in the shortest period of time!


The program question only covered the period of time that SAS has been sanctioned by NASCAR. Many of the names mentioned in the posts above were great racers prior to 1990. And I'm not sure who would have those statistics!



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