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Memorial Day


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Dennis (Dessert Cop), a special thanks to you and give all them troops a big thank you from Corpus. A special thanks goes out to all the veterans out there who have given us the opportunity to do what we love to do.


Ya'll be safe over there. Can't wait to see you at the track again.

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:blink: Greg Jr, BHC, Darenger, and all the others :rolleyes: ,

For you all that provide us some sort of normalcy over here, THANK YOU ALL, for keeping this web site informed of the goings on at the track.


:oB) After being out on a four day patrol, we get two and half days off to recover. The first thing you would think we do is shower, right! Wrong, we all head to the computer center to see whats happening around the race track. I have these guys hooked on this site and you keep them feeding off of it. Five of my 32 Marines are from Corpus Christi and they had no idea this site existed B) .


:( Cherri, I'm truely sorry for not remembering who you are. If we met while hanging around the Luche's cars, I probably had a few adult beverages in me after the races. We do that sort of thing sometimes. Thanks for the DVD's from last years races. We have just about wore them out from watching them so much. We're just waiting on something fresh to feed on ;) .


God Bless America and Thanks for thinking of us.


:ph34r: Dennis in the Desert (IRAQ) :ph34r:


:ph34r: P.S. I've adopted this dark eyed charachter because it reminds me of my sniper scope looking for bad guys. Hoorah. :ph34r:

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