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10K Challenge post race wrap-up

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First my hats off to Shoshana Surek from Colorado Dirt Track Magazine for pulling off a show of this magnitude. For those of you that say you can't have a big mid-season race, I say Phooey!!! When you get cars from 16 states coming from as far away as California and Oregon, 2 Super Nationals Champions, a few of the touring pros and numerous local/state drivers you've pulled off a big one. Thanx so much sweetie for having the faith in me and asking me to come up to cover your event. Maybe you could give some Texas promoters a few tips on how to make it work.


To Butch Speicher and all his staff from I-76 Speedway for all their help and making an out-of-stater feel welcome. He and the crew did an excellent job with track. It stayed smooth all weekend with several raceable grooves. It was in such good shape that it was able to take the rain in the middle of the show on Fri. and the light watering on Sat. to help settle the dust. Not many tracks can take water once a tracks been run on without refarming it.


To all the drivers I spoke to for their time and giving me the info I needed to help complete my story(Which will be in the next issue of several magazines, papers and websites.


To Jason Rief from Racewayphoto.com for all the pix loaded on disc.


To Chris Martinez for his help with the little driver bio tidbits he shared with me.


Last but certainly not least, to Monte Bolton for making another Texan proud, and making my pick of the winner be correct. Maybe next year I can hook a ride with y'all, I hate flying!


Post race sightseeing tour of the Rockies. Man what an awesome place, makes the so called mountains around where I live look like mole hills. Got a chance to visit Bandemere Spwy. where the NHRA was running the Mile High Nationals. I didn't stop, due to weather coming in and wanted to check out more of the countryside. Went to downtown Morrison with stops at Red Rock Park and a city park in Morrison. Then traveled out to Lookout Mountian, man what a view, and visited the gravesite and museum of Buffalo Bill. Too cool! From the mountian you could see the Coors Brewery in Golden.


Got to see several things I haven't seen since I moved south, like Sinclair service stations, trucks with snowplows mounted on the front, snow route signs, cars with severe road salt cancer(which I don't miss), Safeway Food Stores and Ski-doos instead of Sea-doos. One other point of interest was the run-away truck lane on I-70 as you come down the mountain, which was more like a dragstrip sandtrap than anything.

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