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ASALM South Race


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Here's the qualifying results, top 10 will be inverted


1. 7, Landon Cassill, 14.923

2. 83, Beau Slocumb, 15.070

3. 70, Ryan Tedesco, 15.100

4. 15, Colt James, 15.125

5. 2, James Bueshcer, 15.135

6. 09, John Wes Townley, 15.194

7. 12, Mark Reedy, 15.252

8. 74, Jay Middleton, 15.270

9. 119, Dalton Zehr, 15.327

10. 62, Travis Wilson, 15.328

11. 188, David Pollen, 15.336

12. 33, Dillion Oliver, 15.366

13. 99, Tony Willis, 15.367

14. 133, Greg Stewart, 15.382

15. 94, Jason Miller, 15.387

16. 38, Bo Miller, 15.387

17. 26, Phil Gill, 15.501

18. 66, Kevin Willis, 15.595

19. 57, Leilani Munter, 15.960(PAPA'S Girl)

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Hi guys! Even though we had a bad qualifying run, I was pretty happy to find out that I was turning the same lap times as the leaders during the race until I got put into the outside wall. It is only my 2nd short track race since 2003 and I learned a lot. Full race report here:




Hopefully I will have better luck this weekend! See you guys at TMS, can't wait to run in Texas again!




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Thanks Horsepower, it can only get better right? I'll be at Illiana Speedway this weekend and then Southern National Speedway in NC next weekend-- it's a high banked half mile, like Bristol. Fast and Fun. :D


Not sure where Papa is, I hope he's alright. It's not like him to not say hello.

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can i have that new air draft since it probably won't fit anymore?

way to go bro. i'm proud of you.

save me one of those brother in law jobs..........like shining your shoes , taking your dog out to poop , dropping the laundry off at the cleaners kinda of thing..



colt james' brother

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