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Thunder Hill Raceway, local classes

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Thunder Hill Street Stocks

Polesitter, Dale Caswell was first into turn 1 to grab the lead at the start of the 30 lap Street Stock feature. Cary Stapp and Bobby Teer jr. were hot on his heels running door to door for second. Stapp moved up along side Caswell on lap 1, with Teer looking for a place to go three wide on lap 3. Stapp took the top spot on lap 4 with Teer getting Caswell for second, with David Webster and David Hassinger side by side for fourth. That duo ran tied at the door handles for several laps.


Up front the lead duo was checking out by lap 11 when yellow waved for a multi-car tangle between Caswell, Webster and Hassinger that collected Doug Ripple, Tracy Tschoerner and Clint Lafont who slid off the track trying to avoid the melee. On the restart Stapp and Teer got a good jump, but back in the pack, Hassinger got into the slower car of Kris Wilson sending her around and bringing the yellow back out.


Once back to green the leaders got away again leaving Tschoerner, Doug Ayers and Todd Weeks battling for third. At halfway it was still Stapp and Teer running away with Ayers, Tschoerner and Weeks rounding out the top five. Teer got inside Stapp and was to take over the point on lap 16. In mid-pack, Lafont was working his way up getting by Weeks for fifth on lap 17, then Tschoerner for third a lap later.


With five to go, Teer was now getting pressured by Stapp who wanted the lead back, with both holding a big advantage over Ayers in third. In the final laps Stapp and Teer continued their fight for the win, while Lafont caught Ayers for third. Coming to the checkers there were two good two-car battles at the line. Teer, in the Teer Roofing, Texas Paint & Body, Spreen Race Engines, Swenson Racing Camaro held off Stapp for the victory.



. 2 Bobby Teer Jr.

. 99 Cary Stapp

. 02 Doug Ayers

. 3 Clint LaFont

. 83 David Hassinger

. 1 Dale Caswell

. 24 Todd Weeks 28 laps

. 38 William Pearson Jr. 28 laps

. 7 Kris Wilson 28 laps

. 14(4) Duane Toyne 22 laps

. 03 Steve Richardson 21 laps

. 11 Tracy Tschoerner 19 laps

. 9 Chris Birmingham 18 laps

. 31 David Webster 12 laps

. 8 Doug Ripple 12 laps

. 50 Arden Smith 11 laps


Thunder Hill Hobby Stocks

In the THR Hobby Stocks, Roy Loveday got a big jump on Ronnie Hopper for the lead. Howard Rusnak jr. spun and collected Steve Osborne and Steve Joyce to bring about a complete restart. R. Loveday was out quickly again, but in the pack Rusnak and Rick Latimer got together. To help calm the opening night jitters, the field was lined up single file for the third attempt, but Gary Chancellor jr. got too good jump and the field was relined again.


Finally under green R. Loveday got out to lead to complete lap 1. Osborne and Hopper got tangled coming out turn and spun on lap 3. On the restart, Gary Chancellor sr. took advantage of the field, but then promptly blew up. R. Loveday got out again on green, but it wasn’t long until yellow was out again when Chancellor jr. got sideways, tried correct and tagged Jeff Smith.


With R. Loveday still holding the lead back under green the race was red flagged when Dave Loveday slid off turn 4 into the wall hard. D. Loveday was alright, but done for the night. The Loveday troubles continued when leader, R. Loveday was discovered to have an oil leak under red and sent to the pits. This would have handed the lead over to Osborne, but he was unable to get his ride restarted. This handed the top spot over to Chancellor jr. who had worked his way back up after an earlier spin. Chancellor jr. was able to hold off Smith for a hard earned win.



. 44 Gary Chancellor Jr.

. 15 Jeff Smith

. 25 Rick Latimer

. 20 Steve Joyce

. 3 Ronnie Hopper

. 14 Joey Tschoerner 19 laps

. 50 Aaron Brungot 17 laps

. 8 Roy Loveday 14 laps

. 04 Steve Osborne 14 laps

. 7 Dave Loveday 14 laps

. 4 Gary Chancellor 3 laps

. 22 Howard Rusnak Jr. 3 laps



Thunder Hill Grand Stocks

The 15 lap Grand Stock feature saw Jeff Hull get the early lead. Hull, James Lynch Jr. And Bryon Reed then battled for the top spot until lap 5 when Hull went high and Reed got the point. At midway it was Reed, Lynch jr., Hull, Ray Riley and Travis O’Brien in the top five. Reed and Lynch continued to fight for the lead while pulling away from Hull in third. In the final laps Reed was able to get a little breathing room as took the win.



. 83 Bryon Reed

. 13 James Lynch Jr.

. 47 Jeff Hull

. 65 Ray Riley

. 92 Travis O’ Brien

. 73 Kelly Hubbard

. 00 James Lynch

. 68 Mike Farish 14 laps

. 139 JD Dusek 14 laps

. 91 Marcia Moore 12 laps

. 7 Richard Fitch DNS


Allison Legacy Series

Dillon Spreen got the point at the start of the 50 Allison Legacy Series main event. Spreen and Jake Kruger then put some distance on John Riley, Arden Vikre and Trey Mitchell. Allan Sampson brought out the yellow with a spin out of turn 4. On the restart, Spreen slid high allowing Kruger to get by for the lead, while Spreen fell to fifth.


Kruger’s lead was short-lived when he spun by himself going down the back stretch. This handed the point over to Trey Mitchell. Back under green, Mitchell and Jeff Weir pulled away for Spreen and Riley running side by side for third. Yellow waved on lap 15 for a spin by Riley. Tom Harwell and Levi Krauss made contact and spun to the infield off turn 2.


On the restart Mitchell and Weir battled hard for the lead the two were side by side on lap 23. Weir was able to get by in turn 1 to take over the lead on lap 25. A. Sampson spun on lap 28 to rebunch the field. Weir and Mitchell quickly got away from the pack under green. From there Weir was able to slowly work himself away from Mitchell to grab the victory.



Lone Star Legacy Feature Results

. 11 Jeff Weir

. 47 Trey Mitchell

. 81 Dillon Spreen

. 71 Jake Kruger

. 69 John Riley

. 72 Arden Vikre

. 9 Taylor Brandes

. 32 Levi Krauss 49 laps

. 58 John Martin 49 laps

. 88 Eric Brunner 49 laps

. 6 Jason Hollander 49 laps

. 4 Dillon Sampson 46 laps

. 1 Allan Sampson 45 laps

. 14 Tom Harwell 17 laps




NasKart Results

. 71 Mike Steinman

. 7

. 8 Stephen Pepper

. 70 Gary Smith

. 6 Stephen Robbins

. 20 Scott Arthur

. 24 Chris Terry

. 11 Lyndon Kirk

. 7

. 10 Tim Lobaugh

There were 2 cars with the #7 on them. The driver that finished in 2nd place had on a white helmet. The driver that finished in 9th place had on a red helmet. There names are Bobby Dahl and Pat Delahanty. I’m sorry, but I am not sure who was in which Kart.


The Texas Dwarf Cars were also on hand, Keith Roach won the 25 lap feature. No other results or driver information was able.

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