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Magnum Trailers 50/USRA Modifieds

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Magnum Trailers 50/USRA Modifieds @ San Antonio Speedway 4/1/06


Magnum Trailers 50

The 50 lap USRA Modified feature was paced to green by fast qualifier Becka and Ryan Engelhardt. Going in turn 1 Becka got ahead, but in the pack, Trey Mitchell slid high and Eric Baldaccini spun. On the restart, Becka got a little loose as green waved giving Engelhardt the chance to grab the lead in turn 1.


Mark Chrudimsky, who crashed on practice, was quickly into fourth and challenging defending series champion, Bruce Beddoe for third. Chrudimsky took the spot on lap 2 and was on Becka for second. Chrudimsky was able to get around Becka for second on lap 3. Trey Mitchell brought out the caution on lap 4 when he stopped on track in turn 2.


On the restart, Engelhardt got a small jump on Chrudimsky, but Chrudimsky was quickly back on Engelhardt and ducking low on the backstretch. The two ran wheel to wheel through turns 3-4 and got by for the point on lap 11. Chrudimsky then built a 6-car advantage on Engelhardt and Becka, who held a margin over Beddoe in fourth.


Coming to halfway Chrudimsky was still inching away, with Engelhardt, Becka, Beddoe and Bob Slezinsky rounding out the top five. Engelhardt and Becka then began to close back in on Chrudimsky. The top three were nose to tail on lap 32, but then separated back out by lap 36. As the top three battled for the lead, Engelhardt got sideways and made a good save surrendering only one spot to Becka.


Becka then tried to hang on to the bumper of Chrudimsky as they got slowed by a lap car in the corner. Becka took a peek low on lap 42, while Engelhardt caught the lead duo. Becka now had Engelhardt to contend with as the top three were again nose to tail. As the white flag waved Chrudimsky was still holding off Becka. At the checkers it was Chrudimsky taking the victory by .25 seconds in the Austin Vol-Tech, Westside Performance & Machine Modified

Woohoo” yelled the happy Chrudimsky. “I have to thank everyone that came over to give us a hand. This is what racing in this series is all about. I’d have gone over and helped anyone in the same position.”




USRA Modified Results


1. 39 Mark Chrudimsky (5)

2. 29 Billy Becka (1)

3. 53 Ryan Engelhardt (2)

4. 18 Bruce Beddoe (3)

5. 26 Bob Slezinsky (6)

6. 97 John Witzschie (8(

7. 0 Eric Baldiccini (9)

8. 44 John Schultz (7)

9. 47 Trey Mitchell (4)

45 Clare Randell—DNS

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