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The USRA Modifieds Qualifying Times


1) 29 Billy Becka 19.61

2) 18 Bruce Beddoe 19.65

3) 53 Ryan Englehardt 19.68

4) 39 Mark Chrudimsky 19.69

5) 47 Trey Mitchell 20.05

6) 44 John Schultz 20.16

7) 26 Bob Slezinsky 20.28

8) 97 John Witzschie 20.38

9) 45 Clare Randell 21.30

10) 0 Eric Baldaccini Did not time


USRA Truck Qualifying Times:


1) 40 Craig Roper 20.95

2) 54 Steve Green 20.98

3) 28 Shawn Paul Lehman 21.10

4) 30 Bryan Meredith 21.11

5) 12 Kevin Bendele 21.22

6) 1 Jody Buzbee 21.23

7) 31 Jim Albert 21.34

8) 07 Rusty Mirth 21.46

9) 2 Matt Howell 21.76

10) 72 Brent Bell 21.79

11) 8 Jeff Rosenbeck 21.83

12) 21 Keith Patrick 21.96

13) 38 Cameron Moore, Jr 22.16


We are expecting more Mods and Trucks for the races tomorrow. They will start at the rear after drawing for position.


Nick Holt

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Guest bigfat
Thanks Nick, hope for a few more mods and trucks, where was Jason Ray???

Jason had some engine problems in practice a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if he's got it back together or not.

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Unfortunately we won't make it. We stuck a lifter on a brand new motor and no back-up motor that's legal thanks to the tire change.

So you are saying it is the tires fault you blew up your motor? Did the other competitors blow up their motors because of the new tire?

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No the tire did not blow the motor but what it did was change the RPM of the motor and not running the series in a while and not knowing the true rollout of the new tire we decided to go with the gear that we use to run @ SAS which turned to many RPM's. our fault on gear choice. But what my dad was refering to is that with the tire change the two motors that we had and were told would be legal for 2006 with the new tire change are now illegal leaving us with without a legal back up motor. It is a sad deal for us but we are building a new motor and will race some USRA races this year but with only 8 or so races to go and out of the points running the rush to get it going is not so important these days.


Jason Ray #77

Fossil Fuel Motorsports

870 SH 46

New Braunfels Tx 78130



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