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USRA Super Late Model results/recaps

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Smith Smokes ‘em in Super Late Model Main

G. Davidson and Smith led the 17-car field at the start of 125 lap main event, with Smith beating G. Davidson into turn 1 to grab the point. Smith quickly began to flex his muscle with G. Davidson, Matt Merrell, Joe Aramendia and Kelly falling in line. Todd McLemore made an early move on Kent Baltzell to pick on the eighth spot on lap 3. By lap 5 Smith was threatening to stink up the show building a lead of half a straightaway.


Thad Felton and Kelly swapped a little paint as they battled for fifth on lap 6. Smith continued to put the competition in the distance getting out to full straight advantage by lap 10, while Aramendia was looking inside Merrell for third. Felton finally made the pass on Kelly during lap 11, with C. Davidson following through for sixth. McLemore was next in line to take the measure of Kelly snagging seventh on lap 13.


Felton then began to catch G. Davidson, Merrell and Aramendia in the battle for second through fourth and caught that trio on lap 19, while Aramendia continued to work on Merrell for third. Baltzell got sideways on lap 21 and was quickly freight-trained by the pack he was heading. Baltzell was able to hang on, but lost seven spots as he fought the ill handling car.


Aramendia was finally able to put the pass on Merrell on lap 24 for third, while Smith, in another zip code, was running up on slower traffic. By lap 35, Smith was in heavy traffic as the field was fairly strung out with the only contested spot between T Wade Welch and past San Antonio Speedway champion, Larry Bendele for ninth. Smith broke free of traffic on lap 40 hardly losing any ground.


Kelly had just began to slow on lap 42, with Welch and Bendele getting by. On the back stretch Bendele broke causing his car to erupt in flames through turns 3-4. Bendele slid the car to stop on the front stretch with fire crews on their way and pit crew members quickly swarming over the flaming car. Bendele suffered a slight burn on the hand, but the car was done, well done actually.


On the restart, Smith had a lap car between himself and G. Davidson. As green waved McLemore and C. Davidson were side by side for sixth with McLemore snaring the spot. Smith had just started to get away from the field when yellow was out for Hal Martin who spun in turn 4 after brushing the wall. The race would resume as the crossed flags were shown, with Smith, G. Davidson, Aramendia, Merrell and Felton running in the top five spots.


As the pack headed into turn 1 McLemore was door to door with Felton for fifth. Aramendia and G. Davidson made contact in the fight for second. Merrell tried to jump on the chance to snag third back getting along side Aramendia on back stretch, but Aramendia would fight him off through turns 3-4 to hold on to the position. In the meantime, C. Davidson was working his way to the front passing McLemore for sixth, then Felton to crack the top five on lap 69.


C. Davidson was reeling in Merrell for fourth while Aramendia was putting the heat on G. Davidson for second on lap 71. C. Davidson got inside Merrell on the back stretch and took the spot in turn 3. Up front Smith was still leaving everyone in his dust as he rebuilt his half straightaway lead. C. Davidson caught Aramendia putting him in a Davidson sandwich as the three ran nose to tail.


C. Davidson tried Aramendia for a couple laps then eased back to cool the tires before taking another run on lap 92. This time C. Davidson was able to get by Aramendia on lap 93 and ran down his dad for second. With 25 to go, Smith was back out to a full straightaway as C. Davidson waved good bye to his dad, as he passed for second. Smith caught traffic on lap 105 and got a slight scare when Baltzell again got sideways, this time in front of the leader.


Smith ran up on heavy traffic on lap 112 but lost only a little ground to C. Davidson. Merrell ran down Aramendia for fourth, with Felton quickly closing on both. With five to go, that battle was on as they ran bumper to bumper. As the white flag was shown, Smith had a healthy lead, with C. Davidson now in traffic. At the checkers it was Smith in the Rapid Disposal, Texas Direct Homes, Buchanan Custom Homes, BEC Equipment, McGunegill Race Engines, Hamke Chassis, scoring the win by 3.11 seconds.

“ I think people skeptical about the “crate” motors.” said Smith. “I think we proved something tonight. This is a McGunegill, 580hp crate motor for 14K and you can’t beat it.”

He added, “We’ve got a 25 race schedule this year and were not sure about all the USRA races with Texas Motor Speedway deal. You’ve really got to have a speedway car. We might run that race. We’ll evaluate where we are in the points. All the(other) races are around here and that helps and we’re starting off leading the points.”


USRA Super Late Model Results

1 (99) Casey Smith

2. (41) Chris Davidson

3. (96) Greg Davidson

4. (79) Joe Aramendia

5. (03) Matt Merrell

6. (29) Thad Felton

7. (54) Todd Mclemore

8. (13) T Wade Welch

9. (27) Jason Young

10. (7) Tuffy Hudson

11. (18) Tommy Grimes

12. (19) Kent Baltzell

13. (57) John Kelly

14. (35) Greg Davis

15. (04) Cory Roper

16. (39) Hal Martin

17. (23) Larry Bendele

(9) Gary Buchanan—DNS

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