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USRA Modified results/recap

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Becka Backs Up Qualifying Run

Defending Champion, Bruce Beddoe, took the early lead at the start of the 50 lap feature for the USRA Modifieds. Mark Chrudimsky was quickly around Bob Slezinsky for second and wasted little time running down Beddoe for the lead. Fast qualifier, Billy Becka was next to get by Slezinsky for the third spot. Chrudimsky grabbed the top spot as Beddoe fell into the clutches of Becka.


Becka was able to make the move on Beddoe on lap 11 to take second. Two laps later, Becka had caught Chrudimsky and took a look low in turns -2 on lap 15. As the lead duo fought, Beddoe was able to close back in with the top three nose-to- tail on lap 16. Becka got by Chrudimsky on lap 19 bringing Beddoe along, while Chrudimsky began to slow.


At halfway the top five were Becka, Beddoe, Slezinsky, John Witzche and rookie Trey Mitchell in his first ever USRA Modified race. The last half of the race saw Becka pull away from Beddoe as the limited field separated out. As the checkers waved it was Becka in Rays Auto & Truck, Insurance Auto Salvage, John Heil Chassis powered by a Ted Magellan engine taking his first ever USRA Modified Victory.

“Finally!” Said Becka. “Working, working, working and it finally paid off. I had hoped to draw the number one spot, but my girlfriend wanted to choose and I got the number four spot. I had to go with her choice to make her happy.”


USRA Modified Results

1. (29) Billy Becka

2. (18) Bruce Beddoe

3. (26) Bob Slezinsky

4. (97) John Witzsche

5. (47) Trey Mitchell

6. (39) Mark Chrudimsky

7. (4) Andy Wojtaszcyk

(45) Clare Randall—DNS, Broke transmission in practice

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