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xm radio humor


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I got a notice in the mail the other day from XM radio. I had paid for a year's worth of service in advance to get a discount and now it was time to renew. It had no real online way to do so, just a 1-800 number.

Xm loses NASCAR to Sirrus after this year so I wanted to know which was cheaper:

1. 9 months at the month to month rate (the m to m rate was not listed

in the letter, hence the upcoming phone call)

2. the discounted yearly rate.


The 1-800 number is answered by an Indian lady who's "I'm really an American" phone alias was "Betty". I explained my question to her. She had no clue as to what NASCAR was but offered the XM was going to have "Indianapolis car racing instead". It was pointless to engage her in a debate about the difference in scope between the two, and as "Betty" was a nice, polite lady just doing a job, I just asked again for the pricing. She wanted to continue to talk about the long term sale and said, "It is my pleasure to inform you that we will also be presenting a new show hosted by.......................(long pause).......



Nothing like going a little further down the wrong road...



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