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Pro Cuts Texas DTC Sat. Night Full Results/Recaps

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Pro Cuts Texas World Dirt Track Championship @ TMS Dirt Track 3/4/06


Modified Heat races, top 2 to A-main, 3-4 to B-main, 5,6,7 to C-main

1. 5w Johno Whittington, 21F Johnny Fennewald

2. 17 Jeremy Tibben, 15c Steve Crane

3. 76n Nicholas Littlejohn, 66 Brandon Maggard

4. 05 Michael Robertson, 58 Kayle Cambell

5. 124 Dennie Gieber, 157 John Armstrong

6. 2x Lyle Sheppard, 96 Mark Davis

7. 88 Chad Wheeler, 48 Chase Allen

8. 187 Billy Melton, 27B Brandon Kerry

9. 33x William Gould, 31c Kyle Cummings

10. 7x Brandon Melton, 54 Dena Wilson


C-qualifier, top 8 to B-main

1. 15 Larry Campbell

2. 168 Alan Dix

3. 101 BJ Robinson

4. 88Clyde Dunn jr

5. 30 Joel Couvillion

6. 68n Larry Neighbors

7. 715 JP Dowell

8. 32 Shane Clement


B-qualifier, top 8 to A-qualifier

1. 171 Morgan Bagley

2. 4g Gary Clark

3. 33r Mike Roach

4. 1H Gary Hoffman

5. 135 Richard Griffin

6. 4 Bobby Malchus

7. 11 Kelly Wheeler

8. 70 George Egbert


Whittington Walks Away to Win

In the 20 lap, 28-car A-qualifier, Johno Whittington was first into turn 1 ahead of Jeremy Tibben, with a three wide fight for third. Whittington took command early leaving the field three and four wide behind him on lap 1. Tibben Took a look inside on lap 2 and got along side as they edged away from Nicholas Littlejohn and Chad Wheeler. William Gould and Kyle Cummings ran side by side for eighth on lap 3 as the field sorted out. Wheeler was able to get around Littlejohn on lap 4 for third.


The top five began to string out on lap 5 while Billy Melton and Lyle Sheppard battled for sixth. Bi. Melton then got past Dennie Gieber for fifth on lap 7. As the race came to halfway it was Whittington, Tibben, who was getting reeled in by Wheeler, Littlejohn and Bi. Melton in the top five. Brandon Maggard, using the high side took 10th on lap 13 getting by Gould.


Whiitington had built a huge lead by lap 14, but was coming up on traffic, while Wheeler was taking over second from Tibben. The top five had separated themselves from a pack fighting for sixth through tenth. Bi. Melton picked up another spot on lap 17 moving by Littlejohn. With two to go, Whittington run into heavy traffic but had a comfortable enough advantage to slice through to grab the victory in his Rinehart Motorsports, Royal Purple, Day Motorsports, Jordan Marine, Pro Fuel, Quality Insurance, R&R Roofing, 105 Machine, Shaw Chassis.

Whittington said, “I’m glad we got to start up front. The track was good. I’m just glad to be where I’m at.”


A-qualifier, top 12 to outside row of A-main

1. 5w Johno Whittington, Vidor, Tx., (1)

2. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla., (7)

3. 17 Jeremy Tibben, Stanton, Iowa, (2)

4. 187 Billy Melton, Longview, Tx., (8)

5. 76n Nicholas Littlejohn, Everman, Tx., (3)

6. 124 Dennie Gieber, Flint, Tx., (5)

7. 2x Lyle Sheppard, Manhatten, Kan., (6)

8. C31 Kyle Cummings, Sibley, La., (19)

9. 7x Brandon Melton, Longview, Tx., (10)

10. 66 Brandon Maggard, Republic, Mo., (13)

11. 33x William Gould, Broken Bow, Okla., (9)

12. 21F Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City, Mo., (11)

13. 05 Michael Robertson, Minden, La., (4)

14. 27B Brandon Kerry, (18)

15. 171 Morgan Bagley, Longview, Tx., (21)

16. 96 Mark Davis, Ada, Okla., (16)

17. 4 Bobby Malchus, Red Oak, Tx., (26)

18. 54 Dena Wilson, Coweta, Okla, (20)

19. 157 Jason Armstrong, Marshall, Tx., (15)

20. 33R Mike Roach, (23)

21. 1H Jerry Hoffman, Orongo, Mo., (22)

22. 15C Steve Crane, Whitehouse, Tx., (12)

23. 70 George Egbert, Salado, Tx., (27)

24. 11 Kelly Wheeler, Woodward, Okla, (28)

25. 135 Richard Griffin, Anna, Tx., (25)

26. 48 Chase Allen, Midlothian, Tx., (17)

27. 4g Gary Clark, Walker, Mo., (22)

28. 58 Kayle Cambell, Mt. Vernon, Tx., (14)


White Wins a Wild One

Former teammates and long time Houston are rivals, Howard Willis and Johno Whittington paced the 24-car starting field to green for 30 lap Modified Championship finale. The two stayed side by side through turns 1-2, but as the pack stacked up on the start, Keith Green got turned into the inside guard rail to bring about a restart. The next try saw George White, from row 2, duck under Willis going into turn 1. G. White came out with the point bringing Chad Wheeler along to second.


Whittington was next to get by Willis snagging third on lap 1. Jeremy Tibben and Chris Brown were wheel to wheel on lap 2 for fifth, while John Allen and Dennie Gieber ran side by side for seventh. Tibben and Gieber were trying the high side, but losing ground by lap 4. G. White inched away to a five car length margin on lap 5. Paul White, who started at the back, worked his way up to tenth, running along side Tibben on lap 7. G. White increased his lead to seven cars ahead of Wheeler, Whittington, Willis, Brown, Allen and Randy Timms who were running nose to tail.


Just as it looked like G. White might run away and hide, yellow waved for Gieber, who rolled to a stop on lap 11 in turn 4. On the restart, the top three broke away from Willis, who would then lose spots to Brown and Allen. Up Front The battle for the top spot was heating up with Whittington, on the high side getting by Wheeler. Whittington got a peek at the lead on lap 12, but G. White held steady. Wheeler then moved back under Whittington as they ran side by side for second.


Whittington again drove in hard to get a look at the lead, but fell back in the clutches of Brown. At the crossed flags it was G. White, Wheeler, Brown, Whittington and Allen rounding out the top five. Allen tried to get inside Whittington with two making contact on lap 16. The top three put a little distance on Whittington and Allen, who had a gap back to Willis and Timms. Wheeler then started to try the high side and get a run on G. White down the back stretch. The two rubbed going into turn 3, with G. White holding on.


As the leaders battled, Whittington was able to close back in, bringing Allen, Willis and Timms along. Wheeler took a peek high again in turn 1 on lap 23, but fell back in line. Wheeler tried the high move again on lap 24 with the duo wheel to wheel at the line. With five to go, the top six were now nose to tail in a shootout to the finish.


Brown then tried inside Wheeler for second as the laps wound down, but Wheeler held him off. Brown made a dive bomb move for the lead on lap 28, trying to get under both G. White and Wheeler going into turn 1. Browns moved failed and he fell to fourth, while Wheeler and G. White ran side by side on the back stretch. The G. White, Wheeler scrap continued to the checkers with G. White driving the Paul Cook Racing, Builders Electric, Wells Racing Engines, Truck Pro, Fast Gas, Pro Shocks, Halt Brake Pads, Larsen Chassis, taking the big win.

“It’ pretty neat,” stated G. White. “It just worked out for us this weekend. We were good on the first night, but the track got slick. We finally made the right call and got far enough out front and were able to hang on.”


30 Lap Modified A-main

1. 110 George White, Ft. Worth, (3)

2. 88 Chad Wheeler, Muskogee, Okla. (4)

3. 5w Johno Whittington, Vidor, Tx., (2)

4. 21c Chris Brown, Cleveland, Tx., (5)

5. 1w Howard Willis, Dayton, Tx., (1)

6. 198 John Allen, Chanute, Kan., (7)

7. 5t Randy Timms, Oklahoma City, Okla., (11)

8. 76n Nicholas Littlejohn, Everman, Tx., (10)

9. 12D Scott Drake, Webb City, Mo., (21)

10. 17 Jeremy Tibben, Stanton, Iowa (6)

11. 7R Paul White, Temple, Tx., (23)

12. C31 Kyle Cummings, Sibley, La., (16)

13. 5R Sean Jones, Mansfield, Tx., (9)

14. 33x William Gould, Broken Bow, Okla., (22)

15. 1* Casey Jordan, Grand Saline, Tx., (15)

16. 19 Jamie Burford, Keatchie, La., (13)

17. 7x Brandon Melton, Longview, Tx., (18)

18. 66 Brandon Maggard, Republic, Mo., (20)

19. 5 Keith Green, Waco, Tx., (17)

20. 2x Lyle Sheppard, Manhatten, Kan., (14)

21. 21F Johnny Feenewald, Appleton City, Mo., (24)

22. 555 Ryan Reuter, Forest City, Iowa, (19)

23. 124 Dennie Gieber, Flint, Tx., (12)

24. 187 Billy Melton, Longview, Tx., (8)


Late Model heats(winner), top 16 in passing points to A-main

1. 1A Ronny Adams

2. 2H Heath Oestricher

3. 4x Brock Williams

4. 75 Patrik Daniel

5. 14B Kyle Berck


Last Chance Qualifier #1

1. 8c Keith Craft

2. 5c Michael Coleman


Last Chance qualifier #2

1. 9R Charles Randolph

2. 99 Kenny Schrader


Litton Lands SUPR Victory

Justin Ingalls and Ronny Adams led the 22-car field to green for the 40 lap SUPR Late Model A-main. Ju. Ingalls got a good jump into turn 1, but coming out of turn 2 Adams got tapped by Rob Litton sending him spinning in front of the field. When the dust settled, six cars were piled up in turn 2, with Jason Ingalls and Patrik Daniel done for the night. The next attempt saw Litton get out first in turn 1, but fall back behind Ju. Ingalls who would lead lap 1, with Litton and Doug Ingalls side by side for second.


Ju. Ingalls, Litton and D. Ingalls then thrilled the crowd with a three wide scrap for the top spot. D. Ingalls came out with the point on lap 3, while NASCAR driver, Kenny Schrader worked his way from the tail up to fifth on lap 3. Lap 4 saw Litton and Ju. Ingalls door to door for second, with Schreader and Heath Oestricher dueling for fourth. Friday nights winner, Garrett Durrett was forced to take a provisional start, but chaged his way into the top ten by lap 4.


Schrader then picked off Ju. Ingalls for third as Durrett snagged three more spots on lap 6. Litton got inside D. Ingalls on lap 7 in turns 3-4 and took the lead on lap 8. With the top three motoring away, Ju. Ingalls, Oestricher, Kyle Berck, Durrett, David Ashley and Brock Williams fought for position. Schrader got past D. Ingalls for second on lap 14, while Durrett was taking fifth away from Ju. Ingalls. Ashley and Ju. Ingalls were door to door for sixth when Ashley spun to bring out a yellow on lap 16.


On the restart, Berck tried to take third from D. Ingalls, but ended up losing fourth to Durrett. As the race came to halfway the field was pretty much strung out showing Litton, Schrader, D. Ingalls, Durrett and Ju. Ingalls in the top five. Durrett would get past D. Ingalls on lap 20 for third on the back stretch. Litton saw his six car length lead evaporate as he ran into traffic on lap 25, allowing Schrader and Durrett to close the gap.


The top three broke through traffic on lap 28 and Litton built a three car margin over Schrader. More traffic for the leaders on lap 35 gave Litton the chance to get away from Schader and Durrett who were hung up behind William Gould. This gave D. ingalls the opportunity to catch Durrett. Coming to the white flag, Litton had a five car advantage and the lap car of Gould between himself and Schrader. At the checkers it was Litton in the Kim Johnson Fabrication, Litton Motorsports, Glass Tech, TMW, Trey-man, Shaw Chassis taking the win




SUPR 40 lap A-main

1. 6x Rob Litton, (4)

2. 99 Kenny Schrader, Concord, N.C., (20)

3. 58 Garrett Durrett, Simsboro, La., (21)

4. 28 Doug Ingalls, Longview, Tx., (8)

5. L8 Justin Ingalls, Longview, Tx., (1)

6. 14B Kyle Berck, Marquette, Nebr., (7)

7. 2H Heath Oestricher, Pensicola, Fla., (3)

8. 4x Brock Williams, Leeville, La., (5)

9. 93 Ray Moore, Shreveport, La., (14)

10. 11c Jeff Chandler, Minden, La., (22)

11. 14 David Ashley, Zachery, La., (16)

12. 9R Charles Randolph, Muskogee, Okla., (18)

13. 8c Keith Craft, Arkadelphia, Ark., (17)

14. 1A Ronny Adams, Greenwood, La., (2)

15. 5c Michael Coleman, Tyler, Tx., (19)

16. 33x William Gould, Broken Bow, Okla., (10)

17. 427 Mike Brown, Fort Gibson, Okla., (13)

18. 81 Ricky Ingalls, Longview, Tx., (9)

19. 6 Allen Humphrey, Giltaer, Okla., (11)

20. 5m Jon Mitchell, (15)

21. 75D Patrik Daniel, Wills Point, Tx., (6)

22. 12 Jason Ingalls, Longview, Tx., (12)

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