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SAS Grand Stock Claim $ to be Increased

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In talking with SAS General Manager Rick Day a few minutes ago, SAS has decided to up the Grand Stock claim rule to $1,300 outright and $800 exchange.


Rick said that they had done some more research and that the $1,300 was a more realistic figure than the original $800 outright rule.


Rick indicated that the actual rules change will be published in a few days.


Nick Holt

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I'm a little confused by this, by $800 exchange does this mean that when a driver claims another drivers car the the driver being claimed gets the other drivers car plus $800 from the claimer, or am I totally not understanding this?

As I said, the rule will be rewritten in the next few days. I'm sure it will all become clear at that time. In the meantime, the message is that the claim amount has been increased.


Nick Holt

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That is correct, the claim rule is that someone may claim(buy) your Grand Stock for $1300.00 out right, the seller keeps his/her seat, seat belt and any personal nicknack they may have put in the car.


Or for $800.00 if someone claims your Grand Stock you have the option to take his Grand Stock and $800.00 remove your items listed above and both be back racing next week.


This class is intended to be a low dollar beginners class and we done want people to be putting alot of money in this division. AS I SAID BEFORE IT IS INTENDED AS A BEGINNERS CLASS.


Hope this helps or you can call me at 210-827-4524 and we can talk about it


Thanks again

Rick Day

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Didn't we have this discussion back in December? :D


Let me start by saying I’m not looking to detract from the rules or the guys who wrote them, I’m just curious about people’s opinion regarding the $800 claimer rule.


I was looking at the grand stock rules, in particularly the claimer rule. I’m all for reduction of cost, but I don’t know if you can realistically build a car for $800.




Donor car 500

Racing rims 100

Fuel cell 100

Gauges 50


Tune up 75

Fluids 50

Miscellaneous 100

Cage 300

Door plating 30

Padding 50


TOTAL $1,355



I didn’t include the equipment that they say wouldn’t go with the car. Also, I didn’t count the labor to build and install everything.

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