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Posting Photos?

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Put it in a jpg format. Make sure its not to big in size. Make sure the photo is no to wide because when posted it makes the ad at the right of this page move out of site. Then Nick will have to go in and make it smaller. If you want you can email them to me and I will size them for you and send them back or post for you.

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I will make this very brief. Hope it will help. I will try to put a more detailed explanation in the Racing History Section sometime in the next several days. Papa, you are welcomed to come on here and add anything you feel might be helpful.




1. First, you must have the photo downloaded into your computer. To do this from an existing photo you have, the photo must be scanned into your computer's "photo file". That is a whole different topic though, that I won't go into here.


2. The photo as scanned probably will need to be downsized and/or cropped. Most PC's I think have this capability. There is a limit to the size of photo the TXSZ server computer will accept.

This is mainly just a trial and error thing you have to play with. If the photo is too big, the server will give you an error message. Don't be afraid to try. It won't let you make a mistake.


3. Once you are at this point, post you photo as follows:


4. On the thread you want to post on, click on the button "add reply", or "post new topic", if you want to start a new thread. You must post something in the text box. I usually just put in >>>>>.

(This keeps you from loosing all the info you typed in the description of the photo, only to find the photo did not post.)

5. Below the text box, click on the "browse" button. A window will open on your screen.

Pull down the name of your computer's "photo file". Thumbnails of your photos should come up. Scroll down until you find the photo you want to post.


6. Click on that thumbnail photo.


7. Click the button "open"


8. The text box should then come back up. Click the "Add Reply" button.


Your photo should then post on TXSZ. Check to make sure it posted how you wanted it to. If your photo posted properly, you can then click on the "edit" button of your posted photo. Then you can type in the description of the photo you want and click the "submit modified post" button beneath the text box.


Hope this helps. Good luck.


(The photo is just for example purposes.)


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I want to start a new "4 Cyl. Class" at SAS, called "TEXAS PRO ROADSTERS". The auto manufactures have been putting out a lot of these little two seat roadsters over the last 15 years or so. I want to put about 30 of these on the track, with roll cages and all necessary safety equipment.


Wouldn't it be neat to actually be able to SEE the drivers again! I think this could be a VERY popular class at SAS.

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