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Paul McGinn


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At age 60, Paul McGinn passed away.


15 to 20 years ago, Paul actively raced a Super Stock at SAS and occassionally at Longhorn. Leroy Farmer built a special SS car for Paul. Paul took that car to the $10,000 to win Street Stock World Classic dirt race at Crawford County Speedway in Van Buren, Ark. There, he competed against 160 Street Stocks. They ran time trials, 20 qualifying heat races, and a B thru F qualifying features.... to set the 32 car field for the main A feature event. Paul sure tore up a lot of stuff each night, but did what it took to make the next night's event.


I remember that Paul was the typical racer..... always looking for an edge to beat the competition. The rules stated that no mushroom solid lifters were allowed..... so he installed 1.00" diameter International truck lifters so he could run the mushroom style radical camshaft.


Paul also raced a BOPP late model chassis with the help of fellow racer Tom Williams.

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Paul McGinn was the car owner of a very well built and slick Ford Thunderbird. He filed entry for the car and his driver, Leroy Farmer for several Super Stock support races to the Texas Race of Champions at Texas World Speedway.


An "aero trick" they tried but failed to get approved in technical inspection was two nets on both door windows which were covered with transparent plastic.


I also remember Paul attempting to rent and repair the long closed Wichita Falls 1/4 mile asphalt track. I saw him on the highway hauling replacement lumber for grandstand seats. I don't recall who he was partnered with. It may have been Leroy. He was unable to reopen the track.


RIP Paul McGinn



Neil Upchurch

Former Race Director

Texas World Speedway - TROC

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Sorry for the late post, I do not get on this sight often enough.




We were just trying to make sure the car did not get airborn, if it got sideways! i.e. the current NASCAR side windows.


Actually, the passenger side net was a distraction. There was an even neater trick on the car that did not get teched. Unfortunately, we fought that trick Ford engine (351 Clevor) the entire weekend, and was unable to display the cars full potential.


I think that car is still somewhere in Corpus.


Gary Weeks drove the car in a few TIDA Late Model races, with a Chevy powerplant.


The cars greatest accomplishment, was taking 1st place in the Stock Car catergory at the Daryl Starbird Carshow.



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