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Thanks to everyone at the Modified Nationals


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I need to take a minute and thank numerous people for all they did for me during this weekends Nationals.


First and foremost to new track owners, the Johnsons for allowing me the opportunity to do the live updates and reporting on the event........my Sixth year I believe. Another great show with the best weather ever....in my trips anyway.


To the RGS Announcer Stacey Davidson.......without her help on Thursday night I'd have been out to lunch with some of the names of drivers I didn't know. Hope I didn't bug ya too much sweetie. :D


To champkrt1 for the use of the wireless laptop. Without it there would have been no LIVE updates. Thanks for other info too LOL


To pbudunit for the rides around the pits on the four-wheeler from time to time. Saved on the old shoe leather express!!


To all the drivers for taking time to give a few interviews. I know you guys can be busy and I try to pick a good time to talk.


Finally to ol' Sarge, I enlisted his help on the keyboards Fri/Sat night after I was overwhelmed on Thurs. It gave me time to get stories started and keep up with the racing. Sorry I couldn't pay ya more, but you did get half of what I got paid. LMAO

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