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Best Racing PERIOD!


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This year I have realized that racing can be fun and rewarding, unlike previous years. Terry has proved to us that we can compete with skills, not $$$, and still be competitive. In my 20 yrs. of racing, I can truely say, this year, I have had the time of my life in racing, I wouldn't want to race with anyone else. You guys are awesome!


I would also like to thank my crew for getting us 3rd in the points and rookie of the year....


Chad, thanks for being the best crew chief, spotter and friend I could have ever asked for.


Sean, thanks for helping at the shop and races this year, good luck next year with your new job.


Travis, you da' man, best mechanic ever, No DNF's, your awesome! I expect you to be here next year.


Thanks to my entire family for coming and supporting me at every race.


Jacky, my wife, thank you for all your love and support and making sure I didn't spend too much money :( racing this year. If it weren't for you, we would probably be in foreclosure by now. :lol:


Pete Quintero, what can I say, if it weren't for you and your wife, I wouldn't have been able to race this year. Not only did you sponsor us, you made almost every race. That's dedication. Thanks!


USRA, thanks for being fair and honest, it made for good clean racing!


I will see ya'll next year, have a great winter!

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