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:( guess Kathy could care less about posting anything about the USRA Truck Championship? I had a death in the family and sadly could not make it to the championship night, but I am guessing it was the horse that made the championship.


My congrats to "the Heath", but could someone let us know about the trucks? They have been the races to watch this season.........thanks.

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Congrats to the love of my life-crazyhorse!

All the hard work paid off! I am so proud of you and the team.

Special thanks to Junior (papa) for giving Shawn the opportunity to enjoy what he loves!

Thank you Cheryl (mom) for all your support and spotting time.

Thank you Thomas, Terry, Dale, Doug and Lester for all the countless hours spent on the truck and at the tracks to make sure Shawn had a great truck to race with.

Thank you to Leslie and Lindsay for all the cheerleading!

Thanks to anybody I may have forgot.

Shawn I love you and congrats on a wonderful season!!




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congrats to the crazy team of the year. sorry the crazy horse team for winning the championship.

hey shawn that is another one for the books . are you going to make it 2 in a row.

also give me a call. you know the number. if not pm me and i will give it to you.


also congrats to the #14 team. yall have worked yalls ass off this year. to curtis, heath, and everybody who has worked on the car yall deserve it. :D:D:P

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Guest The_Greek

congrats Heath, i wouldve came by and personally congratulated you, but the races were running too long, and that drive back to CC took first priority. congrats to all the other champions as well.

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I know TD took a lot of heat for the format of this race... BUT... What a night..


Emotions were High... And you saw race teams unite to get thru it....

Many teams were pushed way past the normal race levels....


$$ to replace broken parts: Alot

The pride many should have: Even more

The roar that came from the crowd when Heath made the pass of the night!!!



Congrats to everyone

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