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An 11-year-old boy dying from leukemia wants racing stickers for his casket

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Following Caleb Hammond’s funeral today in Oskaloosa, the hearse carrying his body took five laps around the Southern Iowa Speedway. Caleb, a big racing fan, passed away earlier this week from leukemia. The 11 year old asked those attending the service to wear racing or Green Bay Packer attire. Rest In Peace, Caleb.


Gets you right in the feelers


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Well worth the 20 minutes. Amazing tribute by Rapid Speedway and Jacob Foster, the 12 year old driver that let Caleb drive his car last month. He even gets into the backstory of his car too. The statement about Caleb's impact read by one of the track officials is right on too. Here's the link (Vid. Credit to Advantage Racing TV)


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