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Race 1 - 4 Summary

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So far we have been lucky and have been able to get all 4 races in the books at this point in the season. Obviously early on we made changes to the schedule in an effort to get as many races in as possible. So far so good. With the changes to the schedule and the effect it could have on attending drivers we also announced the dropping of each drivers worst finish or non appearance. This will take place after race # 5 as it will effect point averages and total points for the remaining season. Our 2015 season is averaging 22 cars per race with a total of 45 drivers registered and have raced at some point this year. Of the 4 races thus far we have had 3 different feature winners.


From my point of view things that have jumped off the page this year as notables. The competition has never been better. We are down on overall car count by about 15% from last year which in this economy and oil price fall off is still considered a strong car count. I have noticed the grandstands have been awesome at each of our events thus far making our series and every race very important to each supporting track. We have been fortunate to have alot of side by side racing action with so much give and take from the drivers. With that being said we still have preventable cautions that could and should have been avoidable but racing is racing and we understand what giving and getting an inch is all about. I have enjoyed communicating with the drivers this year from my new position as race manager. I can honestly say that whatever I ask of you guys, yall have delivered. I have addressed concerns about some rules and certain rough driving situations and you guys have responded positively. We have received so much new blood into the series from rookie to veteran championship drivers and between them all you guys have shown what true racing is all about. I take alot of pride in watching our class go out and race door to door bumper to bumper for 25 - 30 laps with very very few cautions and torn up cars. Bent sheet metal is not a torn up car in my book. The amount of action created in each of our races has the fans scanning from the front to the back of the field on every lap. The guys dropping to the back and charging to the front each race shows the confidence and take no prisoner attitude that makes so many of our drivers championship caliber quality. The top 10 guys and gals in our class are about as tough as they come and I continue to challenge anyone on the outside to adapt to our rules and try knocking them off. It simply doesn't happen! Many of Houston's top drivers over the years have tried. Last year we had several central Texas drivers try yet again went home empty handed.


I am very proud of our series team of Steve Jung, Alia Kirschner, Kevin Sullivan, Scott Ramsey, Randy Yount, Jon Hutchinson, Milton Hope, Sheryl Jackson and Cody Beddoe who have each stepped up and worked hard for our series and drivers. The best is yet to come this year everyone so lets continue working together and bringing the best dirt series racing to South Texas.


Your Series Promotor and Race Manager,

Stephan Danielsen


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From a fans point of view very well said.The competition is fun to watch, action is through the pack and few yellows.This seasons drivers are among the best.Job well done by all involved.

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